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The Galaxy class bridge has 3 turbo lifts that open on to it. Ironically, the turbo lift that Cryptic placed on the bridge is in the only place that doesn't have a turbolift. Also, that turbolift currently doesn't open on the Foundry version of the map.

Anyway, part of my mission takes place on a Galaxy class bridge, and I wanted to have one of the turbolifts disabled, so you had to try another one. You can sort of place turbolifts in the connection areas in front of the doors. There is some clipping from the inner walls, but I think it looks ok (could be better, but at least the turbolift doors actually open).

What I'm wondering is if I should stick with that incorrectly placed turbolift as still being a turbolift, or if I should just cover it up with a Door 01 which presumably leads to the Observation Lounge. Currently the turbolift there doesn't open anyway, so it's not like I'm really losing a functional object.

The only question is whether it would confuse people who are expecting a turbolift there. I don't know if people are actually familiar enough with the Cryptic bridge layouts for it to matter.

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