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04-25-2011, 09:38 PM
Personally, I didn't like the pitch at all. However, the Negus's ides is interesting, but maybe a group of us fans should come up with our own plot and span it over our own foundry series. So many people take on a small "pilot series", one episode per person and while working together as a team, see what you come up with. I think it would be cool to see an original series (no pun intended) thats more related to Star Trek than the shelved pitch that we've seen.

If anyone else agrees, lets discuss.
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04-25-2011, 11:05 PM
Originally Posted by Sir-Cedric View Post
I was thinking that too, about a Star Trek Section 31 series, but how do you keep that going week in and week out? I think what we need is a show that goes back to the roots of the 1st one, and gets started with a big bang. to get everyones attention. Like how the movie started, it was full of drama. That's what we need in a new show, lots of drama, mixed with comedy at times and current issues.
It's Section 31 - they do what's necessary to safeguard the Federation.

There's enough material in that alone to write a series - we all know that the universe isn't perfect.

It'd also be nice to see a show where the proverbial good doesn't always frakking triumph in the end - there's been enough melodrama in the media already.

Also, just read the actual proposal. Sounds like the beginning of Warhammer 40k.

You know - old ships, old tech, a human versus all alien mindset.....

That aside, this proposal is horrible. Humans have become fat and happy? Didn't they already go through that phase on their way to being the Federation?

That line alone reeks of mistake. Not only is the idea of a successful empire falling from grace due to its own actions old, it doesn't fit the Star Trek franchise.

No - if the Federation were to become a shadow of it's former self, it would be more likely that it was because of this new alien race that started moving across the known universe, engulfing all in its path. It's sinister, it's smart, and worst of all, it's beating the crap out of all of the other races out there.

I know full well that the concept of a new, evil, savage, all-consuming alien race that roves around the universe and consumes all in its path is old and would probably make Star Trek more grimdark and more like Warhammer 40k (See Tyranids). But the main this that would make this scenario Star Trek and not Warhammer is if the Feds can manage to create an alliance from the Klingons, the Ferengi, the Orions, the Cardassians, etc, etc to band together to fight this war.

Then, you could have a series that could follow a Starbase or some garrison of some sort and build off that. Like DS9.

At least you could then keep with the Star Trek morality and attract new viewers with more booms. Not more dakka. Dakka belongs in Warhammer and Star Wars.

In short -

-Evil, powerful, intelligent/smart all-consuming new alien race destroying the known universe
-Shaky Alliance with known Races
-Federation a shadow of former self
-Also, Scourges are Zerg aerial units designed for pure anti-air. (See Starcraft, Zerg)

EDIT AGAIN: After some discussion with a friend, everything I've just said here just brings it back to DS9 essentially. So, there you go. DS9. It's a re-hash.
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04-26-2011, 12:27 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Keep in mind, this was a pitch by Bryan "Superman Returns, X-Men" Singer's team, NOT by Abrams.
So that's why it sounded like X-Men? :p
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04-26-2011, 12:40 AM
The STO Fiction World I am working on, while rather sitcom-ish, does represent in someways what could be the future of Star Trek. It is a younger crew in terms of cultures. Few of the crew members on the USS Kagutsuchi come from the 'main' worlds of the Federation. Many come from colonies and outposts.

But more it is more mature in ideals. It's a Federation that has looked into the Abyss of the Borg, the Dominion Wars, the Undine, and other threats and has emerged triumphant yet still kept true to it's ideals. They can't save EVERYBODY, but they will try. They realize sometimes you have to do not nice things to survive, but they don't let these acts of evil drag them into a moral abyss. They have seen the darkest parts of the galaxy and their ideals of peace, freedom, and inherent goodness of life have been vindicated.

I have little bios written for most of the crew.

As I said there are a lot of aliens in important parts of the crew.

The captain, Beth Hawkwood, is from a world colonized shortly after the founding of the Federation. It is a planet with a human plurality population (humans make up about 40% of the population) and is strongly inspired by the Anglo-American settlers that made up the first wave. She is from an engineering background that was dropped into command by happenstance.

Beth has a keen ability to quickly assess and react to a situation, but can be rather reckless at times. Optimistic and determined, like other captains before her she does not readily admit defeat. While Beth is honorable, she is not above using creative tactics to outwit or ambush enemies.

Beth joined Starfleet right after primary school. She knew she wanted to join Starfleet from the day her second grade class was invited to tour a visiting starship.

The first officer, T'Bumo is a Romulan. She comes from a military family that the head of which was placed into semi-retirement before the Hobus Supernova on a border planet. After the supernova, the planet was left virtually alone and began relying on the Federation for aid and trade. The Romulan Empire did not like this and began raiding the planet under the guise of pirates. T'Bumo joined the planetary defense force and helped fight the raiders until the planet's Federation membership was approved (partly due to strong urging from the Unificationist Party of the Vulcans) and the PDF was rolled into Starfleet. As T'Bumo was a decorated commander in the PDF and wanting to increase the numbers of Romulans in Starfleet to assist in relations with the other unaligned border planets as well as deal with Romulan pirates, she was given several promotions.

Like all Romulans, T'Bumo has a keen tactical mind, preferring subterfuge and strategy to brute force. She is organized, coolly logical, and somewhat arrogant. A lot of the crew don't really like her but everyone respects her skills and abilities. The ideal staff officer. Somewhat taken aback by the more reckless Beth, T'Bumo admits that Beth has a certain charisma and creativity that she lacks.

The Chief Engineer is Will Thomas. A native of Alpha Centauri that has never been to Federation Hall. He is a gifted if rather eccentric engineer. He is fun to be around and seems to emit an aura of mild craziness around him. Despite this he can be oddly serious at times and has a sharp mind and wit. While he is an engineer, he believes that engineering is applied science and explosives and can also double as a science officer if need be.

Science officer Rei is the survivor of an illegal genetic engineering test. She has exceptional intelligence and memory skills but extremely stunted empathy. Furthermore, she looks weird with blue hair and red eyes. Quiet and unsure of herself, Rei is slowly starting to understand her humanity. Unlike Spock or Data who are not humans trying to understand humans, Rei is a human who does not fully understand what it means to be human. She is the product of illegal research. Spared from destruction by the Federation High Court ruling her to be a sentient lifeform, Rei is determined to make her own way and find out who she is and where she fits in the galaxy.

The Vulcan Selvok is a thorough and knowledgeable doctor. While he is a pacifist, Selvok knows not all engagements can be peacefully resolved. As such, he is skilled with multiple means of subduing enemies without lasting damage. Selvok is a brilliant physician who prizes accuracy and thoroughness of his examinations. He lived for some time in a monastery on Vulcan before 'a calling' took him to Starfleet.

Azrio Coan is from the overpopulated and until recently repressive planet of Gideon. Azrio enlisted in Starfleet as a chance to escape the planetís crowding. He is known as a friendly and laid back officer who may or not be assigned to Engineering.

Dulas Revei is a Bajoran born post-liberation. He is unreligious and independent. Back on Bajor he was regarded as something of a delinquent. To escape this he joined Starfleet. There he found a real purpose. He believes part of the reason the Prophets are so important to a lot of Bajorans is that they bring them together and united them, even when they were at their darkest hour under the rule of the Cardassians. Revei's generation however did not have some great boogeyman to unite them. Revei however found the ideals of the Federation to place his faith in.

Matt Kosocowlowski is part human, part Ardanian, part Leritian, part something else. He joined Starfleet after a Federation vessel saved the ship he was on from the Orions. From a family of shiphands that has drifted between the stars on trader ships for generations, Matt has experience with a lot of things across the galaxy. He has some natural talent for mechanics and has been assigned to engineering.
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04-26-2011, 01:38 AM
I have to wonder though - how WOULD a Section 31 Star Trek show go? You know - with the whole non-existing bit.
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04-26-2011, 02:26 AM
I'd like a dark Star Trek that shows what happens should the Federation lose sight of its vision.

It'd be a great parable.
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04-26-2011, 02:38 AM
I have to wonder though - how WOULD a Section 31 Star Trek show go? You know - with the whole non-existing bit.
Section 31 is slowly turned from a super-secret, illegal underground operation into Starfleet Intelligence.

If you want a spy Startrek Show, pick Starfleet Intelligence. Section 31 is the evil version of that. They should not be represented by identifiable, likeable protagonists.


I think if they want "more" grimdark, they shouldn't ruin the entire Federation. Just give us a new sector of the galaxy - or rather, a new galaxy - where things are grimdark, and the Federation is the shining beacon of hope.

A new galaxy, possibly devestated after a massive war, full of conflict. Starfleet is sending the newest Enterprise on the first galactic exploration tour outside the Milki Way, and the Enterprise and its new crew finds a galaxy in turmoil.

Internal conflict aboard the Enterprise could come from the most diverse crew ever - the former enemies, KLingons, Cardassians and Romulans are now cooperating with the Federation in this great endeavor...
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04-26-2011, 08:59 AM
Not another Enterprise.....>.<

And I think I mentioned devesation via war, although that seems to be everybody's main thing.

Therefore, I think we should all move away from the devestated by war thing and move onto yet another idea that's been constantly turned down - Starfleet Academy.

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04-26-2011, 09:35 AM
I do find it amusing that every show to come out these days (a lot more than in years gone by) has this need to try and work off of an others basis or theme.

I also find it amusing that the new popular opinion is that all science fiction has to be dark, gritty and about the end of humanity and how the shows all end up failing in the end for these very reasons, yet networks fail to realize it. Now I like my dark stories, don't get me wrong... but unless there's a little light in there somewhere or at the very least morbid humor I just can't do it. If I know from the beginning that the ending is going to be a horrible fate, I see the process leading into it as irrelevant and thus don't care. The only exception to this being Halo: Reach, it's the only story thus far where I launched into it knowing I was a dead man walking. But it had the redeeming quality of knowing I had just saved humanity by becoming some huge squidface's pin-cushion. If any of these shows at least had that little redeeming quality I may be able to accept them too.

DS9 had the Dominion war, a very dark time for the Federation that for a time seemed to be the launching point for killing us off. Despite the war the show remained upbeat and humorous and maintained a air of hope in between the episodes showcasing the front lines. There were even episodes like when Nog lost his leg showing the peril of allowing oneself to become depressed. Now, this series succeeded towards the end of it's run because of the war, having been at least in my opinion dreadfully boring before hand. There was grit, there was moral strife and hard choices... by dammit it remained Trek.

Voyager tried grit and hard choices and as much as I like Janeway, she was a total Schizo. Meaning none of that strife felt natural and what was an obvious choice one day ended with a crusade to kill an entire race the next. But, at least it was entertaining.

Going with what this is suggesting we'd have a whole bunch of manic depressants in a black and white world fighting the Zerg (I know I saw someone else mention it, whoever you were I agree totally) and complaining about how much their lives suck as they continue writhing on the rusty blade of life until even the network exec's get so sick and tired of gagging on their own bile that they axe the show after a pathetic two seasons and then go to live in their refrigerator box mansions.

And really, can anyone here realistically see the Federation getting "Fat and Happy"? if anything I can see it turning into a military autocracy after so many years. See also UED from Starcraft or UNSC from Halo.

Also, did anyone else here laugh manically when at the end of Battlestar they made it to Earth and it was a radiological wasteland and they were all stuck here? Freaking emo's got what they had coming.
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04-26-2011, 09:44 AM
True - all too true. Look what happened after BSG - they tried to turn SGU into a BSG extender.

Hence, the reason why that Starfleet Academy show should go the other way around - with shenanigans abound and Star Trek-like solutions to problems faced by Academy students.

Star Trek has always been centered around the "super" human ship crews - maybe it's time we take a look at them whilst still inside the Academy.

Like breaking into the transporter room to beam the contents of an entire room to a spot in plain view, with a person still sleeping in bed. Juvenille, I know.

*shrugs* It was a plot bunny - what can I say?

It'd sure be a damn sight more enjoyable than watching the Tyranids/Zerg invade.

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