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04-26-2011, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by BoredZero View Post
True - all too true. Look what happened after BSG - they tried to turn SGU into a BSG extender.

Hence, the reason why that Starfleet Academy show should go the other way around - with shenanigans abound and Star Trek-like solutions to problems faced by Academy students.

Star Trek has always been centered around the "super" human ship crews - maybe it's time we take a look at them whilst still inside the Academy.

Like breaking into the transporter room to beam the contents of an entire room to a spot in plain view, with a person still sleeping in bed. Juvenille, I know.

*shrugs* It was a plot bunny - what can I say?

It'd sure be a damn sight more enjoyable than watching the Tyranids/Zerg invade.
All things in their element. Shows need to not try and be what they never were.

I'd personally love a Starcraft miniseries, even more so if it expanded on the scene in my sig. But at the same time if Trek did something very similar I'd hate it.

That really is the problem these days, isn't it? We've all of us forgotten who we are. The world's gone mad and nobody knows what attitude to have. I can't believe it... I miss the 90's.
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04-26-2011, 11:06 AM
I miss certain things from the 90's, but not all of the 90's.

The cartoons and shows, definately. The rest, not so much.

I don't think humanity's gone mad - humanity never had it in the first place. History may tell us otherwise, but history can always be manipulated by those with power thus rendering our perception inaccurate.

No, I think a far more apt statement would be that humanity still hasn't found it's way yet.

I can't speak for the world, but you know things are wrong when journalism starts getting their information from The Onion and The Daily Show.

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