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04-26-2011, 05:20 PM
Just a note to once again thank everyone for their reviews on my missions!

I don't know how many people that play the missions actually read the forums (and in particularly the Foundry forums) but, I have been getting a few comments that I'd like to address...

1. All my missions are set in the TOS time line. All of them. I know STO "occurs" in the 25th Century. I grew up on the original series and LOVE the setting. I don't see me creating STO time line missions. If you are unable to suspend your "belief", you most likely won't enjoy my missions. I try not ot make the fights too difficult so that anyone can play them using "Connies" and "old style" hand phasers (or Klingon D7 cruisers for that matter, Klink-side).

2. I have no control over the shooting through walls "feature" (there are no "bugs"....only "features"...:p ). I will try to improve my placing of "mobs' in the future to reduce the effects of this.

3. All my stories are "stories". I attempt to create the feel of a TOS episode. This means that there will be a lot of dialog, as this, at present, is the only way to tell stories in the Foundry. So my missions are NOT "Daily" friendly (well, two of them are ). I will attempt to note this in the Mission Description when I have the room.

4. The Foundry is new and is suffering from "growing pains" it is not "perfect" and I experience "Features" all the time (NPC contacts dying, ship costumes reverting back to default, ect.) I wish I had more control over this,,,,but I don't. I have faith, that in time, these "features" will cease to be an issue!

5. I am working hard to address my spelling and grammar...I have been out of school for a long, long time and I am a bit rusty. Thanks to everyone who has pointed out these errors, I really appreciate your criticism, as it helps me create BETTER future missions!

6. Did I mention all my missions are set in the TOS time line? I really hope more TOS maps become available, my life would be perfect then !!!

Thank you again, everyone, for your reviews (all of them, from the one stars all the way up to the five stars!)

I am working hard on my next project "The Naked Soul" (Klink) least that's the title at the moment. It will feature a bit more space combat, better placed ground "mobs" and maybe a little less a few surprises I hope everyone will enjoy!

I hope to have it complete by the weekend.....but I also would like to play guitar like a rock star.....

DangerOne Out!

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