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As the title says.

I use PayPal to subscribe to STO and attempted to change my subscription from monthly.

After choosing PayPal as my payment method and filling out my details, I clicked on the continue/submit option. At this point the page should have redirected to PayPal log in to allow me to complete the transaction, instead, the page seemed to just refresh.

I am curious if STO is having issues with PayPal and as I don't have a lot of spare time to dig around info I wanted to post this so my apologies if this has already been raised, my subscription will run out in a day or so and I am curious as to how this will effect me and my time on STO.


Okay... so I decided to try the process with another browser after I posted this and guess what..... I succesfully connected to paypal. Seems it was an issue with Firefox because Internet Explorer did it fine, now I just got to figure out why PayPal insists on paying by eCheque when the cash is in my PayPal account But Thats my problem now, sorry to waste time with this thread.

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