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04-28-2011, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
You know what I was thinking Nagus? I was thinking; "Imagine if they quit wasting their time with these websites that are viewed by a whole 10,000 people (maybe) and instead ran commercials on TV, which is regularly watched by (reportedly) as many as 4 Billion people worldwide."

Now that would be some good publicity. You know, just something that I was thinking about Grand Nagus.
Except the ROI isn't graeat. TV ad time is EXPENSIVE; and you probably wouldn't see that much in the way of upswing, as most gamers who spend time on line don't really watch TV (why, when ythey have YouTube and Hulu and can download directly from Netflix? .)

Also, Cryptic doesn't pay Massively to do a review article; BUT, when Massively (or some otherrecognized site does do one), they link the Review to the front page - and if it's good (and I think this one is - Hell, even the Massively community feedback is slanting more positive than negative, which is a FIRST (imo) from that particular site of late.)

The advertising that works best for a game like this is targeted advertising aimed at, and presented in a medium the majority of your pontetial userbase has a better chance at coming from (so for STO; internet based and game site based ads.)

Honestly, with the exceoption of WioW; I haven't seen ANY MMO advertise on TV about a month after it's initial launch, or if it's made a major change (eg Turbime put TV ads out for LoTRO when it did the F2P switch).

STO did have TV ads at launch (most likely co-funded by CBS) - and occassopnally a few ads popped up on the SyFy channel again a few months afterwards. Rifts, and DCUO also had small TV ad campaigns around the time of their initial launch, but not after. So, yes TV ads can play a roll to get the word out when a ga,me is brand new; but once the game has somewhat established itself, I don't think the cost to trtturn (in subscription revenue) is high enough tp justify using that ad outlet.

(That said, I'm sure whe the next JJ Abram's Star Trek film is releasing; CBS will do some sort of TV ad tie in with Star Trek Online - but, we'll see.)

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