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03-16-2011, 01:51 AM
I will fun No Peace More Action later today. I gotta stop playing past midnight.
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# 12
03-16-2011, 04:01 PM
Yeah, my missions are a bit long. I don't notice because I know where to go and run through it all. I'll have to keep my eye on that.

Thanks for the review though! Again, I will play your mission soon. Hopefully tomorow!
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03-17-2011, 01:39 AM
Wow I was surprised by "No Peace More Action". The story was totally different then anything I have played. I had no clue where it was going.

I had to get really close with a hot girl npc and dance with her. That was funny and cool. I loved that the bad guys were Iotians. Nice use of rare star trek race. I enjoyed every moment.

I guess I am easy to please. Five stars
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03-17-2011, 05:11 AM
I've put together most of my first mission on Tribble - it's called "The Ghosts of Ramok Nor". It's set on DS9 and Bajor, and involves time travel back to the days of the Occupation.

Here's the summary text:

"Ghosts are haunting an old medical facility on Bajor. The Devidians are not to blame, and the staff of the facility think the apparitions are the tormented spirits of Bajorans tortured during the Cardassian Occupation – the terrifying legacy of one of the most notorious war criminals in Bajoran history. Bajor's spiritual leader, Kai Kira, has asked Starfleet to investigate..."

However, I've suspended work on it and I will not be completing it on Tribble - I'll rebuild it from scratch once the Foundry is on Holodeck, which will hopefully be within the next few weeks if the Devs are to be believed!
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03-17-2011, 03:54 PM
Played through your mission. A fun run with a cool battle I didn't expect.
I would flesh out the story a little more, maybe put in some dialogue and some non-combat elements.

But will be interesting to see where your story goes!
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04-29-2011, 11:07 AM

I know this thread is kind of old now, but I've finally published "The Spirits of Ramok Nor". If you're still looking for DS9-themed missions, have a play of this one and let me know what you think.

Mission name: The Spirits of Ramok Nor
Author: alimac30
Project ID: ST-HI8UI4BLS
Faction: Federation
Level: Any level
Duration: Approx. 1 hour


Spirits are haunting an old Cardassian-built medical facility on Bajor. The terrified patients and staff fear the apparitions are the tormented souls of Bajorans tortured and killed at the facility during the Occupation. With the pain of Cardassian atrocities still raw after 50 years, Kai Kira has asked Starfleet to investigate...


* This is NOT a Devidian mission
* Intended to be single-player
* Takes around an hour
* Much more of an investigation than a shoot-’em-up

Quotes from feedback received so far:

"I cannot praise this mission enough. Jaw-dropping, brilliant, masterful, and unique. SUPERB! This is the best mission I’ve played, and I doubt I’ll play a better one anytime soon... this was better than many of the featured episodes. Incredible." — KirkFat

"Best mission I have played yet. The environments alone are just outstanding… 6 stars!" — Captain_Revo

"I’m not just saying this to be nice, I honestly think it’s the best user created mission I’ve played… Loved the story, the maps, the pace, everything… the most fun I’ve had in STO for ages." — Halish
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04-29-2011, 11:20 AM
my mission is 'Nine of Space Deep' - Level 31. Fed only and a very heavy DS9 episode.

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