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04-29-2011, 08:20 PM
Jorf sounds like an egotistical ***** sometimes, maybe he is, but his assessment is fairly accurate as long as "like Lore" means Klink premade bent on the eventual destruction of the Federation. All it would take is for another fleet to step up, like QEW did, and demand some respect and then the issue becomes "like QEW" rather than "Lore". I would suggest not getting too tied up in the constant references to his own fleet, he's got some pride. That's not all bad.

The other thing he is NOT mistaken about is the decline of the Klingon Empire. PvE was the worst thing to happen to a "PVP faction". Sure, it's nice and even necessary since the creation of FvF when leveling Klinks became mind numbingly dull, but it's hard for anyone to deny that training and leveling against NPCs is a far cry from tried and true battle. There are Klinks out there now who leave as soon as they see some kind of resistance (or Era, lol). So many cry about this person or that using hax0rz. I fly a Sci/Defiant Fed side and all I get from some of these guys is a bunch of ****ing, *****ing, and moaning about how I cheat when I pop them... then I get put back on ignore before I can even explain. I'm here to have fun but flying Klink with a bunch of weekend warriors taking a break from their Feds is very disheartening. All the blaming and complaining. It's embarrassing.

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04-29-2011, 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
I haven't seen Grethor on since the FAW changes hit live (and talking to their members it sounds like a lot of them are taking time off the game waiting for a FAW fix, so maybe they'll be back eventually).
We usually have a few members on, but I haven't seen enough on for a full premade. However, I am rather new to the fleet.
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04-29-2011, 08:43 PM
Forgive me; I truly don't understand why feds are going to be opposed to having the queues merged.

What, so there's a chance there's a premade klingon fleet out operating?

If i recall QEW used to operate, they're good players, but most of them left the game which is sad for the pvp community.

GOD became TSI on fed side.

There's Warriors of Grethor, some SVK I still see, and LORE.

The Feds have TSI, SOB, Elite Maquis, 528, 7th Core, 12th Fleet, LaFamilia... and on and on, I'm sure I've missed some fleets... I've seen them field full premades both on FvF and FvK.

You're already facing lots of good fed pilots and fed pvp fleets, and all of them are competitive and will roll you over. Not to mention lots of independent operators who can give you a quick lesson in blowing up. In my fed fleet, Starfleet Training Core, there's always Vesko and Aeryn Sun who tag team in pvp all the time. Good seasoned guys.

The Kling side is sorely lacking right now due to Cryptic's (on purpose?) neglect of PvP and general lack of anything Kling side. Not many people queue FvK, which to me is a bit puzzling since the new generation of klingons were brought up via pve, the only viable method of leveling kling these days.

Feds, you already have a good chance of getting a premade in FvF, or at least a good chance that the other side would be a collection of good players who already know each other. Trust me, I queue FvK on my fed to have a chance at having easier kills somedays.
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04-29-2011, 08:50 PM
I like to think that im just playing with friends rather then "TSI", it sucks honestly because so many people accuse us of cheating/haxing or some other crappy thing that it takes away from the fact that we have fun with our friends, hell I even tried to initiate a pvp thing where other people could play with us and learn our "secrets" but then faw came along and bent that idea over...

Now back on topic, why can't they do the best of both worlds and put a. Que me in everything button? The only issue I could see with this is that it'll make the que look like it has more then it actually has.

I've also seen the que get hung up a few times because mixed teams are qued and it can't make a game of 5v5 or 4v4 (ie a lot of (3 man teams or a mix of anything that doesn't equal 5) the 4v4 is a rare sight but I've had it happen.

Reguardless of what they say they'll do... pvp as it stands is in such a sorry state only a complete overhaul like ground may make up for it. I've said it before and ill say it again, space pvp is the only game mode to loose a map type since launch and receive nothing since launch either.
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04-29-2011, 10:11 PM
What was once the PVP faction is now quickly becoming the PvE faction. Madness you say? Off his rocker? Yes, yes I am good sir. Now, here are my points on why we're quickly trending to be the PvE faction.

1. FvF. It's no secret that FvF is more popular than FvK. I'm not going to say anything more than that, you guys can talk in depth about that somewhere else. Back in the day, when there was only FvK, klingons could spend their whole leveling experience PvP'ing from warrior to brigadier general. Now, the only way to level at a decent pace is PvE. Sure, you could spend about 30-45 minutes waiting for a pvp match, and level within say, 6 months. Would you? At end game, FvK is pretty lively, don't get me wrong. It's fun, and KvK arenas also sometimes pop.

2. With PvE and grinding cheesy explore missions the main way to level up a klingon, there's a lot of PvE seasoned "new" klingon players who are mostly alts of fed players and might've experienced very unbalanced defeats from some old school klingons (who've either switchted to fed or stopped playing). These new klingon warriors quickly jump onto a Bird of Prey, or a carrier, and quickly get slaughtered by the feds. They lose heart and jump back onto the fed side; their views about how "bops are OP!" now hopefully shattered.

3. The lack of PvP development. What pvp development? The ability to get private matches going? The new pvp queues? FvF? yeah, I'll say again. What PvP development?

I play klingon and fed, because I like both. I've found a group of guys I like playing pvp with on kling side, and I'm an independent operator fed side. Leveling kling again though, it really saddened me to see countless klingons charging head long into a fedball, only to get blown up in 5 seconds. Or how they easily get detected by: mines, sensor scan, etc. Or how they can't perform wolfpack tactics (focus fire), or how they can't do hit and run...

It's almost a total opposite of when I was first leveling a klingon and fed. If you've ever wanted to be like kirk and kill dozens of klingon ships match after match, then wait for the new klingons to fully level up and then proceed to blow them up with extreme prejudice.
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04-29-2011, 10:23 PM
Once targeting is fixed I'll reactivate my sub. In the meantime insulting new KDf players, and reverting the queues to Pre FvF days will not help PvP or the KDF imo.

Fear of premades has nothing to do with why people queue FvF. Stop pretending they are idiots, there are many good FED premades in the queues. I agree with matteo on that one point.

Saving the KDF by forcing feds to pvp against Klings, will be taking steps backwards. Less hypocrisy, more fixes to the UI, targeting, FAW, new maps, no more 5vs2 matches... those might work

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