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I designed the mission to be a follow up mission to the “Darkness Before the Dawn” mission involving Obisek of the Remans. The storyline is that a group of Reman refugees have been trying to start a new colony and life on Chiron IV in the Sierra Sector of the Alpha Centauri Sector Block. This planet is located on the edge of Federation space. I spent about two weeks developing the story and creating it within the Foundry.

The mission starts with a briefing.
“Starfleet Intelligence reports indicate that recent Reman efforts to settle a colony in the Chiron system at the edge of Federation space are being hampered by Romulan raiding parties. Reports indicate that the Romulan raiders have been intercepting Reman cargo transports and raiding the settlement in that system. Representatives of the Reman settlement have officially requested Federation help.”

“Mission: Proceed to the Chiron system to investigate Romulan raiding activity there. Render assistance to the Reman colonies and ships in combating the Romulan raiders. This stops here and now.”

I did not publish the mission until after several test runs within the Foundry. Naturally I found problems with models and interaction points but eventually I worked them out. It was a lot of fun developing the story and putting it together. I've already had a couple of folks try the mission and left feedback which is always welcome. It's how I make my work better. The Foundry is a lot of fun and I think a good creative outlet. Sure it needs improvement, but the developers are doing a great job and I look forward to creating more missions. If you get a chance please try it out and let me know what you think.

Lt. Commander
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04-29-2011, 10:10 PM
Sounds like fun! I'll play and review on Sunday when I'm back in town! =)

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