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# 1 Foundry awards.
04-29-2011, 09:52 PM
I can understand why the missions in the foundry don't give a lot of skill points and bridge officer points. But I think the mission for doing three foundry missions should award three missions worth of those things.

The reason is its hard to see what length a foundry mission might take to complete. So I have had experiences where I did three missions and it took me up to and over two and a half hours to complete, and at the end I pretty much got 126 skill points and like 80 bridge officer points. Now I enjoyed the missions. But if your like me and like to fill some leveling gaps instead of doing say 5 patrol missions, well you will need to do a staggering amount of foundry missions so you can get some decent skills and bridge officer points.

I just think the daily to do three foundry missions for a small amount of skill points and bridge officer points, should be changed to reflect the amount of missions you have to do. So say like three worth. That was the foundry can't be abused for fast level gain or grindfests, and people doing the foundry stuff daily that isn't max level, can get a regular benefit from doing them.


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Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2 i agree
04-30-2011, 07:55 AM
i agree i too think the rewards need a little more for doing some. i too have ran into mission that seemed to go on forever and took me some time to finish three. i do wish they would but something in the foundry to mark how long a mission is going to be. this way some who want to run short missions can. while others who want to run longer mission with groups can as well.

yes there is a double edge sword to this. yes longer mission may not get played as much because some want to get the daily done. and others may not was to wast their time with shorter missions. but there are enough missions out there and players to have the happy medium.

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