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Well, I have just finished another weekend of not finding a team that will run Infected. I have been booted from two this weekend because I do not have team speak. Let me point this out: IT IS ABOLUTELY NOT REQUIRED. There are not many players on this side of the house, hence whe have to take the people we can get. Not having team speak or some other program is in no way indicative of a player's ability to coordinate. All this talk about only wanting to spend 1 hour or less on an STF is somewhat silly. In waiting for a full team, you may end up spending more time assembling one that try a shot wht those who are already there. Not everyone is a part of a strong, well coordinated fleet.

For my player ability, I will point out that I was part of an all TAC fed team that ran Khitomer Accord with three people completeling it for the first time in about 2 hours. We also spent about 15-20 minutes trying to get over the darn force field to get the Assimilated accolade. We were only using the game chat to coordinate. I have also be able to get a newbie team from the initial part of Fact or Fiction all the way past Manus (Rebecca Simmons) in about 30 minutes. On top of this, I have been using only common items equpped. I have been using the Borg set on my Federation Character, but everything else is MK 12 commons. For my ground equipment, only the weapon (anti-proton sniper) and the kit are ot commons. My character's skills are not even specially assigned, but evenly distributed on all skills.

I know there are some power players who like to max out their skills, abilities and gear. If that is how they play, more power to them. I will point out that a player with real skill can take a "helpless" character with crappy items and still do amazing things with that character. As a challenge to those power players, I give you this: try a PvP match against a player with purple quality items while you use only common items. If you can fight to a draw (as I have on occation), then you truely are a master of this game.

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