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I need some feedback please for the re-release of 'Crouching Ty'Gokor Hidden demon' level 31 klingon mission, still in the review stage. (this was originally a spotlight mission, so if you do play it please make sure you check the one made by me and not Q).

Its been out for a week and only been played once. Unfortunately the player who did it seems to have left some feedback which is In my opinion completely untrue and a low rating which is keeping it down (unless it bugged on him or something).

He basically said the space section was way to hard, like it was a zerg task force, even though I made it slightly easier than than the original spotlight mission which most people seemed to really like and have no problem with. He himself liked the original so I dont understand whAt the problem was. I have completed it myself with ease, so I just need other's opinion on the space battle and the other changes I have made.

Any feedback would be helpful. I've cleaned up some of the errors and added some other stuff from the original. I'll give you a cookie if you play it.*

If you like it then also feel free to check out the Hunter Killer (level 41). People seem to be enjoying that one.

I should have part 3 up in a few days.

* the cookie is a lie.

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