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05-05-2011, 02:14 PM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
The EULA also doesnt say you can circumvent the review system by hiding the mission door. So your point is?
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05-06-2011, 07:11 AM
It would solve a ton of actual and potential issues if they added a "null" objective to the mission creator. This is assuming they remain with the design requirement that all missions have to have at least one "objective." The empty or non-objective objecive should be one you can put on your mission which does nothing but automatically exit you, without counting as a "completion" for daily or any other reward purposes. That way people who want to make missions that don't have any actual goal have a way to put them in, and Cryptic has a clear flag for sorting out "click to complete" missions from ones that just provide a setting for something, and aren't meant to be "completed" at all
This - or a flag you can set - is something we need.

I'm sure all those people you righteously one-starred will be happy to return the favor when they run across any of your missions.
I have noticed that the people who complain the most on threads like this do not create missions of their own. They are propaply more the "lawyer" stereotype than the "artist/author" stereotype.

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I cannot agree. His tone is more direct and I do not agree with him all the time, but the above two postings e.g. make complete sense. Weren't you the Raptor that proposed that to make a RP place, just make the mission unsolvable and everyone beams out at the end? Don't you think that will be the next on the list of the local witch hunters?

If people cannot turn their brains on and read a description that says "This is a RP lounge" or seek every way possible to get some meagre points and emblems... we will need a mechanism like described in the first quote above or a similiar one.
But should that limit everyone's creativity for now?

Especially in STO where you can level so quickly, that Vice Admirals and Lieutenant Generals will be the only Rank left anyway soon.
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05-09-2011, 01:02 AM
Sometimes when I review missions I come across one that sounds very interesting and I would really like to see what that individual created but, alas, the mission door is hidden. It's really a shame.

Then again, I do understand that these individuals intended to create more of a RP location than a real mission and they are not intended for the general public.
So, I fully understand why they try to keep it private.
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05-09-2011, 03:00 AM
STO is very odd mechanically

For now the way the system is. I'd have to agree that hidden missions are exploits due to the fact that they can't be reviewed and therefore can't be properly assessed by the reviewers who opt-in to the system.

I recognise and understand the desire for personal story telling but really it gets down to risk vs. reward.
What are the rewards for allowing hidden missions? Really... if you think about it there is no reward. People who the missions are designed for will still be able to do so. Yes, other people will be able to play these foundry missions they might not understand the situation, it might make no sense to them but as long as these people are not in yourr team then your game experience is not affected one bit.

As for the risks, others have gone well into detail in those I don't need to do so.

As for the null objective/uncompletable tag to bypass the counting for the daily and related feature exploits? That is a good idea one that should be included. I believe it will be eventually included as well as a way for no objective/hidden location maps to be reviewed. As will be required for Fleet Starbases and customizable ship interiors etc...

But for now,with the foundry in the state it is such missions simply have to be exploit missions because the Foundry system is predicated on certain assumptions. Assumptions that may be fully accomaditing as they should be but assumptions that work and allow the foundry operate to at least the basic level that is currently is.

We all have to be aware that the Foundry is in Beta. it's not complete feature-wise, asset wise even UI-wise/ The Foundry will develop.All foundry authors no matter what missions/locations they make have to understand and cope with this simple fact.... The Foundry is incomplete and we have to deal with it as it is and not as we would like it to be. There is no tagging system, there is no features and assets that we see in the game, quite a bit of the C-Store stuff (esp. the new stuff) is not in the foundry.

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