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Welcome to my Foundry mission reviews for the month of May.


I only review missions that are on Holodeck, and only by request of the author. The review request must contain: the name of the mission, whether Starfleet or KDF, the minimum level requirement (if any), and can be made by PM or a post in this thread. Reviews will be done on a first come / first served basis, but KDF mission requests will take precedence since I receive so few of them.

I am reviewing stories. If your mission is incomplete, has little or no story, or is nothing but a combat grind-fest, you're going to get a low rating from me.

The Official Falcon Rating System

5 Stars = Citizen Kane with Phasers.
4 Stars = As good or better as the best Dev written missions.
3 Stars = Good. Of equal quality to most of the in-game content.
2 Stars = Borg archaeologists looking for artifacts of their Third Dynasty.
1 Star = Highlander 2 with Phasers.

And, just in case it comes up during the discussion, The Foundry - End User License Agreement

My first mission review thread, with the reviews that I did between March 29th and April 25th, 2011, is here

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