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05-09-2011, 05:05 PM
I did a little testing on Tribble with my sci in the MVAE, and I didn't use the console either (and I don't use it much on my tac because of the cooldowns just as you mention). Was fun...just finding it hard to give up my D'kyr.

But back on topic:

I went to Tribble, maxed my weapon power. In the Advanced Escort, I could set power levels to 85 and still be at 125.

That means that I was getting at least a +40 boost. So i set power to 100, which would mean I was above the suggested hard cap of 135.

I put two polaron beam arrays in the front. I fired 1, power stayed at 125. I fire them both, power dipped to 115.

This would suggest that the hard cap was 125, not 135. Unless that isn't a worthy test....it would seem all the extra points in weapon power would be wasted. It would have been nice if it worked with the power cap being 135, but that just doesn't seem to be the case.

With that in mind, I made this build:


Using the Aegis set, 3DHC & 1DBB (polaron) in front, 2BA and 1Turret in rear.

Tac Consoles:
4xPolaron Damage
1 Borg, 1 MVA, 1 Hazard Emitters
1 Shield Cap (+35%) and 1 Neutronium Alloy (+18 to all resists)

Also, some side notes. My captain has Efficient, Evasive, Accurate and Wapr Theorist.

This means I get +10% defense, =10% accuracy, +10 to Warp Core and +10 to all efficiency skills.

I also have the Borg Bo that adds Efficient and a Tac BO with Leadership. that is +10 to all efficiency Skills and a +15% bonus to hull and subsystem repair.

Just mentioning those becasue they do affect things a little on the skill side.

As for point spending. I maxed out everything that was tied to my skill selections, ships type and weapon loadout. I put only 4 points in Weapon Performance, that is all I need to hit the cap of 125. I could have put the tier 1 skills at 7 instead of 9, but where would I put those points? I already have hull repair at max. I could move them to sensors, I suppose.

When moving, my ship is at 92% defense.

Power levels:

I did a test with a friend, 5 to 0 in my favor. He flew the Dreadnought, did hurt me a bit when my Polzarize didn't break his TB, but he couldn't kill me. About 50% hull was gone.

Second match we did he flew the Intrepid, set up for Shield removal and torpedos. He had some turrets in the rear, but only quantum's up front with a single Trico.

That match was 5 to 3 in my favor. He was agile enough to work my shields down and hard to kill from his shield heals. A few torps to my exposed behind was enough to kill me. It was a tough fight, but I won in the end.

So far this new build seems to work much better. I noticed my power never dipped below 103 when firing all forward guns. When firing the rear guns it never dropped below 110. I would assume that firing them all at once, in a PvP Ball would probably diip me to just under 100. This build seems to help manage the dip better since my damage output is boosted by Omega and Beta patterns or Tac Team.

thanks for all the input guys. Unless someone finds a fatal flaw in this new build, I think it will be considered my final (at least until the new Tac Ship comes out).

All advice has been appreciated, and any further feedback will be as well.

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