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05-09-2011, 11:21 AM
There are too many players clamoring for a Romulan faction for Cryptic to essentially allow the KDF to die off. Players WANT multiple factions, Cryptic KNOWS there is a demand, and meeting that demand when they're ready is good business.

But the only way this is really going to work is to find some way for the Fed, KDF, and Other player factions to interact in ways more meaningful than tired old arena play. This is Star Trek, not DOOM. Battles need to mean something, and we need other ways to interact besides that.

I think the mechanism for introducing a real faction dynamic is going to involve some kind of Fleet play, including some form of territory/resource control. This needs to be an optional game mechanic so that those who are content to solo their way to VA can do that if they want, but the rewards for participating in inter-faction play should be worth it.

Aside from needing that PvP Fleet Action mechanism, and other forms of Fleet-based gameplay, the thing that could really fuel inter-faction interaction is outfitting Fleet Starbases. The resources needed to make your fleet's starbase the best in the quadrant should flow out of this interaction. The interaction could take many forms... Victories, Territory-Control, Resource-Control, Trade, etc.

In turn, having a state-of-the-art Starbase should allow fleets to provide their ships and crew with bonuses and perks they can't get otherwise.
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05-09-2011, 01:55 PM
I think that having this discussion whilst still having this long and far away in the future is imo a waste of time.....but then again....who knows.
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05-10-2011, 10:20 PM

IN a little less then 40 days I get my 500 day rewards..

As it is I'm surprised theres as many Klingon players as there are because there is so little content for the Klingons to play with. There are now more foundry Klingon missions then there are in house missions by a fairly considerable margin thats growing by the day.

I see a lot of not getting it from the devs on what makes a Klingon mission Klingon..

Consider the rescue the hostages dayly against the Breen.. SO far we're still pretty much forced to pay out 1000 GPL is we want to rescue the Defari..

Let me explain to the Devs a proper Klingon Solution to this mission.. Under the klingon principle of a dead hostage has no value..

Breen commander, you will place the Defari in a shuttle craft and launch them now. Any trickery and you will be destroyed and you will find the Breen cofederacy in a state of war with the Klingon Empire. Submit or be destroyed.

THATS Klingon diplomacy...

All I know is we've now been hearing for months.. MONTHS that the Klingons are going to get some serious attention payed to them. Were finally going to get a make over of Qo'nos thats desperatly needed.
but we wont see that for what another 2 months? We're going to get some more ships..wow great whats taking so long? I don't think Cryptic gerts it. You need a Klingon Faction, You need fleshed out and fully functional. Telling us theyare Looking at KDF player population" is a cop out if I ever heard one. If theres no attraction to playing Klingon then the numbers will NOT come up. I am NOT happy still with the short shrift the Klingon faction has gotten and continues to get.

I want to see them dedicate 1200 man hours to the Klingon Faction and GET THEM TO SPEED.

no debate, no privation to excuses. Its over due. The ground combat upgrade can wait, and a whole lot of other fed side goodies can wait.

I can predict very simply that if the devs dont get off the pot on this they may as well not even ever bother with introducing other factions.. Whats the point. Thier track record viv a vis the Klingon flat stinks. I don't honestly belive that they can do any other faction justice if they cant even get the Klingons in a playable balance against the fed faction.

In one of the posts there was a mention that the Klingons faction has always been under represented in trek multiplayer games. This is flat incorrect. The Klingon led coaltions won time and again campains on Starfleet command-II servers. as a general rule we may have been outnumbered about 3 to 2 over all yet we Klingons kept leading our side to victory. Results count. ANd Starfleet command had more then Just the Fed and Klingon factions. There were Kizinti, Lyran, Gorn, Romulan, Hydran, and ISC factions besides. And as long as interplay was around (and for a yearafter they folded) there were no issues getting sufficient players on line to have a whopping good campagn with a whole lot of PvP in a Missively persistant territorial control battle. SO I don't by the arguments. Theres plenty of players that would like to play Klingon.... IF there was anything for therm to do!!!!

Really honestly how many times can you keep playing some small variation of the same dozen missions over and over and over again? To many players have dedicated themselves to Klingon play and there are many many many toons Klingon side that have hit the level cap. Playerws who have doggedly ground thier way there. Yet still, no real pay off. A fraction of the number of mission availible Fed side, and half the numbers of Ship hulls..

Honestly they need to be doing some sort of Weekly Klingon release at this point. A mission, a new varient skin for a hull, a Science vesion of a Klingon ship SOMETHING!

One Artist to do final rendering and touch up, one coder to make sure that everything works right, and one mission scriptor.. and ASK some of the folks writing good Klingon foundry missions if they'd like to be immortalized by having thier missin become "official" with proper mission rewards if they lack time and manpower to work them up from scratch.

I have fed toons I play and have been playing over the last many months since release WAITING for decent Klingon content.

Maybe they way to get the message across is to simply delete all of my Fed toons. I think I'll start a thread on that..

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05-11-2011, 05:29 AM
You know what I am wondering...I thought on their short list of baddies or series to add for the game for weekly episodes was something to do with the Gorn/KDF....why is it that the Xinda/Sphere builders are on the short list and we have heard nothing about a KDF-centric threat?...

The next alleged series is around DS9?!?...While I'm all for going and blasting people away at Quark's bar or something, I loathe Cardies...sure they are fun to kill, but really?....when are we going to see a weekly series focused on a KDF event, like Gorn uprising or something?...

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