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05-12-2011, 09:22 PM
After much hullabaloo involving moving IRL, I've finally gotten a chance to sit down and play through your mission again, Pent!

Here are some reactions, old and new issues:

- Still having the anomaly pop up in front of my face when I reach the probe seems abrupt. How about it's small at first, then grows giant when I approach to draw attention to it?

- Combat at the final borg node still went a little long, though it was pretty simple on Normal. I got out three groups of my security team ability, ti was pretty awesome!

- It would be nice if the Andorian greeter on the surface, Shreal, had some dialogue about what's been happening since the borg beamed down, even if it was just optional flavor text. She did take the trouble to join me at the beam down point after all.

- Battle took place in a conveniently flat battleground. Maybe a few more set pieces in there?

- Another plot point could be doing something to jam borg transmissions back to the collective. If you were the borg, wouldn't the first thing you'd do after being damaged try to contact the rest of the collective? Maybe sabotage something onboard the cube?

Anyway, I hope some of that helps, Pent!

As for anyone else, feel free to review my mission and list which one yours is and I'll go through it and try to give some tips!

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