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05-13-2011, 06:14 AM
Captain Tarrak sits in perfect posture on his couch in his quarters. Stars streak past his window quietly, while he considers the question carefully.

"An interesting question." He replies simply. Reaching into his pocket and withdrawing a gold pocket watch. To a trained eye, one could identify the style as being from the 2100's era of Earth. While pocket watches were long since out of vogue in the time period inwhich this timepiece was made, there were still companies who produced them... usually as retirement gifts, or as luxury items. The hunter-case watch was fairly simplistic in aesthetics, but using military time. As the vulcan holds the watch in his hand, he opens the lid, showing laser-engraved words in the vulcan language.

"When I received this gift from my wife on my birthday, I was curious as to the meaning of such a gift." He points a finger to the engraving.

"To my Husband, Time is the most precious resource any of us have." He reads aloud.

He closes the lid and holds the watch by its golden chain, inspecting the bauble. Clearly, he is thinking deeply.

"Many humans consider the phrase to be enigmatic, when they ask for the translation. A few even believed the phrase to be cold and impersonal." He raises an eyebrow, apparently showing only the slightest hints of irritation at the human responses.

"I have carried this watch with me for a long time. It was made by a Swiss watchmaker on Earth. T'Pel had apparently found it for sale in a Ferengi antique store near Alpha Centauri some time before my birthday, and had it engraved shortly thereafter."

He inspects the watch carefully before continuing, placing it back in his pocket.

"The deeper meaning is very simple, however... poetic. We all have a finite timespan in which to exist. And though she and I are married... nothing is more important than the time we have together. It is the quintessential thread to our existance as sentient beings. It is a symbolic gift... that whenever I observe the time... I also must observe the time I have with... or as most often is the case... without her."

He seems fairly non-emotional regarding the last statement.

"She has her own ship to command and duties to perform. As do I. And for the both of us, serving in Starfleet... we both know that time is -- indeed... the most precious resource we have."

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