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I would like to see these missions tweaked so that the enemies are the same level as the player, and make the reward items also mtached, whether by making them infinite, or by having a different mark level (III-XII).

The Ultimate Klingon
Dinurium Reiforced Body Armor
Personal Repulsion Shield

Past Imperfect/Second Star to the Right
Efficient Impulse Engines
Paratrinic Shield Array
Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid Beam Array
Electro-Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons
Federation Type 1 Phaser

S'harien's Sword/Destiny
Combat Hyper-Impluse Engines
Numiri Regenerative Shields
Gravitic Modulation Impluse Engines

Preemptive Strike
Overcharged Plasma Sniper Rifle
Personal Covariant Sheilds

Forging Bonds
Personal Enegrgy Harness Sheilds
Rapid Fire Polaron Assault Weapon

New Link
Polarized Dual Tetryon Beam Array
Polarized Tetryon Beam Array
Chroniton Flux Torpedo Launcer

Some of these items could be retooled into set items like the Borg, Aegis, and Breen sets.

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