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# 1 LFF but PLEASE READ first
05-17-2011, 01:36 AM
Lookign for a fleet, both myself and my boyfriend play here but due to work and other things our time can soemtimes be constant, and then soemtimes we're both out for the count for weeks on end.

I mostly am looking for a fleet due to rp, but my boyfriend whilst a roleplayer is more into missions.

Just a few requirements:

We don't HAVE TO use teamspeak, even for borg-based raids, why? We ddi them before the items were released and succeeded without teamspeak. It is NOT required and being on a limited bandwidth connection in australia, we will not be using teamspeak or voice unless you pay for our internet and upgrade it :-P

So, only recruit if you are seriously ok with non teamspeak players pvp'ing and raiding with you.

Roleplay is not a requirement in your fleet, we usually roleplay randomly with anyone outside of fleets anyway.

We just want to, play the game without the BS that seems to follow most groups of trek-fans around.

AKA, chill-axe, don't take the game too seriously, don't take trek too seriously as that just...wrong...

Just enjoy it.

So far my experience with previous fleets has been the opposite of what they claim. So...I'll be pensive with any to begin with until we see if they live up to what they say about being laid-back friendly and non oppressive.

It is a game, a fleet leader is just a host, not someone I have to salute and take orders without question from :-P

We both play on the one account, so you'll find either Ben or myself @Sirius39

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