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Hey guys!

I finally decided to officially advertise my mission here. - Any feedback appreciated!
I got some great reviews and some very good feedback.

My mission is intended to be the first episode of a "season" of a new Star Trek series and while there is a story arc, it also works as a stand alone mission.
The mission is very loosely based on a concept for a Star Trek series that I wrote a couple of years ago (CBS, if you're interested, just PM me ) called "Star Trek - Sanctuary".

Before you play, however, let me tell you two things:
1. There's a lot of dialog and very few fights going on. Although, you can skip a lot of dialog, if you want.
2. English is not my first language, so if you find grammar mistakes, please tell me (preferably by PM).

STAR TREK - S.S.R., Episode 1: "Black Boxes"

Name: ST-SSR, E01: "Black Boxes"
Project ID: ST-HSQZVQPI2 (Holodeck)
Author: Patarival
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
31+ (Captain)
Starting Location: Risa System, Sirius Sector Block

Working for the 'Search, Salvage & Rescue' task force as a volunteer, you are tasked with the simple mission of getting flight recorders of two recently destroyed Starfleet ships in the Risa System.

But when an unexpected guest shows up, your ship becomes the target of an unknown - but undoubtedly human - foe.

Have fun!
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# 2
05-09-2011, 05:09 AM
Some comments from reviewers of ST-SSR, E01: "Black Boxes":

"Great mission, really faithful to Star Trek."
- TC-111 (5 stars)

"I'm keeping an eye on this writer."
- Sprint01 (5 stars)

"Detailed plot line, excellent usage of puzzles and multiple inputs"
- RKRider (5 stars)

"Great mission with a lot of thought and time put into the dialogue."

- carnagefiend (4 stars)

"One word: Wow!"
- The.Grand.Nagus (5 stars and entry in The Nagus List)

"THIS is a writer to watch."
- senet (5 stars)

"Oh man oh man, was that good."
- dorko1 (5 stars)

"I'm considering the fact that this might be a professional script that you somehow got your hands on."
- SecondSaalel (5 stars)

"Sorry but OMG the dialog sucked."
- elsenorjose (1 star)

"Nice attention to detail and use of various uniforms in the shuttlebay scene."
- queetz (5 stars)

"A very cool, 'not-your-ordinary-mission' mission."
- Captain.Hunter (5 stars)

- JWS64 (5 stars)

"Well thought out in the spirit of Star Trek TOS."
-MjrSquirrel (4 stars)

"Lots of glorious realistic fluff with the cadets and the co-pilot of the runabout."
- Arcainite (5 stars)
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# 3
05-09-2011, 06:38 AM
I really enjoyed this mission
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# 4
05-18-2011, 01:13 AM
The Nagus is indeed wise.

I'm just a little sad that all the other missions have a nice picture to show and I am, well, artistically challenged.
I would really, really love and appreciate it, if someone would be able to whip up a little mission-picture that I could also post on Starbase UGC to promote my mission (or, very soon, mission series).

And, well, a trailer. I would give anything for a well made trailer.
In fact, if it isn't against forum policy, I would reward a good trailer or a well made promotion banner for my series with a gift of an awesome game from the GOG-library (except Witcher 2).

Go and let your artistic juices flowing, or something! Show the world how you can transform a relatively simple mission into an exciting trailer or a movie poster!
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04-16-2014, 01:35 PM
Does anyone know what map was used in the scenes on board the player's ship? Or is it a custom-made one?

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