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04-08-2011, 01:01 PM
STFs need teamwork and some game mechanics knowledge. No wonder PUGs fail them repeatedly.

Problem is, PvE content is mostly SINGLE PLAYER from Ensign to Vice Admiral, and most "casual" players get the feeling they mastered the game just by blowing up thousand of poor AI npcs in missions.

Advanced and Elite difficulty doesn't help: same old poor AI with just tripled/quadrupled hull HPs (quite silly to see a 200k HP Escort -.-)

At least now if that ViVox voicechat comes to life, pugs will have a chance to coordinate.
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05-17-2011, 03:09 PM
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05-18-2011, 04:39 AM
Originally Posted by klingot
... i am vice admiral have beaten all of the hardest mission without help i completed stage one of the cure ra but could not even get anywhere of the ground part it did take forever but by yourself what can you do?
And that's exactly the problem. People are simply used to do everything alone in this gamec cause all the missions are so easy that you don't need a team. I don't say people generaly don't know what teamplay is, they are just not used to it (with exceptions).

You can read all the great guides available and get the coolest equipment around, but this can't beat own experience and understanding. Often enough you can read things like: I did it once and will never do it again. People are playing a new aspect of the game, missions with team requirement, that are different to the other PvE content and expect going in there and being pro? They are in a totally new situation they never experienced before and expect to be king? Well there's something called experience, that you will need to get better in something you do, everywhere in life.

All the other PvE missions are idiotproof and it's good that we have at least 3 (not counting Terradome) mission that have a little challenge.

In many posts of people that are complaining they even state that it was their team that failed, get the hind? So all those people wo beat the STFs should accept that they have to be turned down and being easier because some find them too hard? But on the other hand those people crying can ignore that some others like a (small) challenge? There has to be content for both sides, so please, please, please with a cherry on the cake, let us have those 3 (THREE) mission out of hundreds of easy PvE missions.

P.S. And no, you can't have the same reward people get for doing the STFs without doing anything.
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