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05-18-2011, 08:21 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_Dracon_Darknight View Post
Constitution refit does not automatically include a T5 Constitution.
I would rather place my bets on a certain design from the Enterprise F Contest for t5, which is in return not a Constitution anymore, which would satisfy everyone since she is not a 23rd century ship but a 25th.
And therefoe really not harm anyone.

Since it is a similar case to the Carrier Thread I''ll use the same way of argumentation:
Outmost word interpretation:
And to me it says: Probably not.
It doesn't say 'definitely not', but it does say not very likely, which is the difference between this case and the the one about the carrier: One says 'Not now, the other says 'not very likely'
So I have to reverse your first sentence: Hope what you want.

So I can't completely deny the possibility of an endgame conny being added one day, but still not very likely.
Compare it to shroedingers cat if you like: As long as the box is closed the cat is both dead and alive, but as soon as you open the box its either dead or alive (considering the contents of the experiment probably dead)

So sorry, but I have to throw a certain card back to you: Reading Ask Cryptic gives more context.

And yes I did read his posts, and I cannot agree, which might be the reason that it appeared I didn't.
While some people might think that it wouldn't harm anyone, others think it would.
And of course people care if their immersion gets destroyed by a 23rd century ship beating a Sovereign
So it does in some way harm peoples game experience, especially since the game is set in the 25th century, not the 23rd.

I don't particulary like the 'It doesn't harm anyone' argument btw, since its pretty easy to abuse it when being applied to international politics. I won't elborate on this though since political discussions are against the forum rules.
You do realize I didnt say the refit was for sure gonna be a T5...if you actually read what I said...."The answer has not been NO..yet. We know they are working on a Connie Refit...and , with the tons of T5 threads, we hope they will hear us and make it a T5."

And I do understand the words..and NO has yet to be said....true, probably not is the probable answer...but its not over yet...but, then again, ive already said that a couple times...

good thing you do read before you..oh wait....

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