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Too much spam and not enough FAW or you are just too polite to use it? You are stuck in lol ground with hordes of security escorts, drones and turrets?

Do not fear! There is help on the horizon.

Your very own targetting macro in several rather easy steps:

1) Go to your STO directory (somehting like C:\Users\Public\Games\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live)
2) Create a file "target.txt" with the following content:
Numpad1 target hale
Numpad2 target era
Numpad3 target hil'bert
Numpad4 target linnty
Numpad5 target tide the roleplayer
3) Enter the following command in your chat box: /bind Numpad0 "bind_load_file target.txt"

How to use it:

1) Find a safe place to hide for a few seconds (or do the following steps before you start a challenge match)
2) Edit "target.txt" and replace the names with the names of the players you are going to face. Save the edited file.
3) Press the "0" key on your number pad. (Maybe you have to toggle NumLock to make this work.)
4) Press "1"-"5" on your number pad to select a player (only works if you can see the player on the minimap)


1) It takes time to set up the new names at the beginning of a match. Usually only challenge or ground matches give you enough time to do that. In space you have to find a safe spot; directly at your spawn point is not such a spot.
2) I'm only using this occasionally in ground pvp. Spam clearing in space is so easy (and the carriers are so big) that it usually isn't worth the trouble.

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