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05-18-2011, 02:11 PM
ive used the type 1 phaser before, this i remember.

as for the devidian rerun, ive used it to maximum and devastating effect, leveled a kdf klink in 4 days straight from the start doing a 3 mission run and nothing more, skirmish, spin the wheel and everything old and new, the fastest way i have noticed to level a character, by using the close proximities between station and planets and the ease of each of the missions combined with the xp points every 30-40 minutes for all three to be dropped each time, i made a rank and a bit each day, quite surprised how quickly it went, had that time been used on K'mec instead doubtless i would of had well over a thousand emblems by now. a good thing that the 3 mission run had 8 minute breaks each time.

it beats kicking around trying to team up on night of the comet of supposed quick runs when the quickest route to beating the odds is if you find it by yourself.

so now, last few hours tommorrow before the expectant 10am shutdown, i expect to make up another 35 emblems on k'mec to replace them standard X torpedoes in favor of borg damage torpedoes to help any other player who has not completed the STF's yet and to be better prepared for the Hive coming up and KA.

cant wait for the reman science officer if that is the reman rerun reward at the end.

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