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# 1 Release Notes - May 19, 2011
05-18-2011, 05:51 PM
  • The Delta Flyer Data daily mission now allows the player to use fighters to complete the quest.
  • A Featured Episode tab has been added to the journal page. This page will be updated when new featured episodes come out.
  • Players below level 41 can no longer view the wares at emblem vendors.
  • Common, levelless cannons have been added to the shuttle equipment vendor.

  • The special Devidian Episode Series rewards are now turned off.
    • The Ophidian Cane and Emblem Rewards have been removed; you can still however get the new personal shield.
  • The Romulan Featured Episode Rerun Week begins when this build goes live. This means:
    • There are new, optional emblem/badge rewards on every Romulan Featured Episode.
    • The Reman Bridge officer is available as a reward on the final mission.
    • There are new, optional fighter cannons available on “The Vault” for anyone replaying the missions. They will not be available on the first playthrough.
    • There is a crafting schematic for a Horta combat ally on “Mine Enemy”.

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