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05-19-2011, 08:24 PM
I think a great idea for new PvP maps (ground) would be on Bridges.

It might go something like this-
you'd still Q for Ground Arena, or Assault. When the Q pops (after you've selected Engage!), Instead of the next prompt being the countdown timer a menu would pop up with a random list of 3-4 maps. This list of maps would be random selection Bridges from both factions. Everyone in the Q votes on a map (like in halo, CoD, and other FPS's) and the map (Bridge) is selected by popular vote.

The queue would have to be reworked, (again) and the Bridge instances would have to be altered to exclude NPC's, but no really "new" maps need to be designed or developed.

For Ground Arena's, the rules would be the same, and you could translate the "Arena" match style into a Cap and Hold. Designate Certain rooms (like the Mess Hall, Engineer's Office, or the Ready Room) in certain areas of the ship (Crew Quarters, Engineering, and the Bridge) to be Cap and Hold and Re-spawn points.

This has been a dream of mine ever since they expanded bridges, and i just thought I'd like to share.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 12
05-20-2011, 01:03 AM
I say 90% chance it will be a ground map...

But IF we get a space map, I would like an alternative C&H type:

- Say 5 capture points, but only 1 point active at any time.
- Each point could be active for 5 minutes, and then switch to the next.
- For each capture-point, the team earning the most influence would get one point.
- Influence amount would be calculated from each ships distance to the point over the 5 minute active period.
- Respawn should be in the centre of the map, with capture points arranged in a circle around it.
- Whenever one team reaches 3 points, the challenge would end.

Advantages to this map:
- Spawn-Camping would hurt your team as bad as the other team.
- One team holding a point would be packed very tightly together around the point to earn more influence. This will make them more vulnerable to AoE sci/DPS attacks.
- If one team manages to get a very firm hold of one point, the other team will have a fresh start at the next point.
- Each match would last 15-25 minutes. Never more or less.

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