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I think it is time to end the war with the KDF and for us to unite against the real threat of the Borg and Undine. With this spirit of peace in mind, In one week from now I am inviting all the leaders of the Fleets for a peace treaty signing ceremony. The Peace treaty will acknowledge that the Federation was wrong for condemning the Klingon invasion of the Gorn and other worlds and races. This Treaty also acknowledges that the Klingon will keep any territories they have conquered. It also acknowledges that the real threat to both of our races is the Borg and The Undine. This treaty also says that all fighting and hostilities is to cease between both races effective upon signing of the treaty. This Treaty will make deep space k-7 a headquarters of a joint Klingon and Federation task force whose goal will be to protect and stop and Borg and Undine threats. If you wish to send a representative to this treaty singing please post in this forum thread or pm me and as time draws nearer I will be sending out the date and time and meeting place for the treaty signing, Glory to the Empire and Long live the Federation. Each house and fleet may send two representatives.

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