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So you've been saddled with a Reman p'takh as part of your crew .
You trust him as far as you can throw your BOP , so you want to see him as dead as possible , as often as possible .

No problem .
Equip the sucker with a melee weapon (a bat'leth is too honorable for him) , and every time you beam down , you'll see him rush off to engage the enemy in hand-to-hand combat .
Your fun will come at his suffering !

*This anti-Reman message was brought to you by my replaying the Reman Featured Episodes 8 times in the last week with 8 chars , and along the way wondering why-oh-why don't the Klingons arround me just lump the Remans togather with the Romulans as dishonorable *******s who should always be met with a tip of a blade !?!

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