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05-26-2011, 04:01 AM
Originally Posted by GMJahia
The results are random. Completing the mini game gives you a higher chance of getting better or more items.

Originally Posted by TrueWarper
Hmmm, which area has the best chance?
This does work as GMJahia has stated above. Random, and Better Chance of More or Better with Completion of Match in Mini Game. No one area is better than any other, and Results may vary person to person in a given area at different times.

I was in Klingon sector doing some Test Farming for over an hour, and got 1 Rare at the end of that hour. I started chatting with another player who was there, and they had gotten 4 Rare in their first five minuets, and picked up a Fifth one while chatting with me. They got 5 in one hour, while I got 1.

If you keep trying, it may one day be your turn....

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