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05-27-2011, 05:22 AM
I know the basics, solo and small group PvE, but so far have only dabbled in PvP and Fleet Actions. I want to change that. So basically, I'm looking for a fleet that is into PvP and Fleet Actions, but is open to someone who doesn't already know everything about how to do it right. You know, so I can learn, and become someone know hows how to do it right

It doesn't have to be a fleet that's solely dedicated to those things, of course. I'm RP friendly, but not terribly good at it, and I'm a Star Trek fan but haven't memorized canon. I don't like a lot of arbitrary rules, but anything done in fun is cool with me. I also need a fleet that's flexible with activity level. I'm not a kid any more, sometimes I just don't have time for gaming. That's life, right?

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