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# 11
03-12-2011, 08:21 AM
I'd like to take a moment and thank all of you who took the time to reply here, and all the people that sent me a PM.

The amount of dedication you all put into your fleets is impressive, making it really hard for me to decide. I'll make my decision by this weekend.

Many thanks and kudos to all of you.

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# 12 Sttf Uk
03-12-2011, 09:19 AM
STTF is a UK fleet take a look at http://sttf.guildlaunch.com for infor on the fleet
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If you are still deciding on a fleet, The 48th Defense Fleet, The Warpigs would be happy to have you with us.

We are a small but growing, laid back group of players who all love Star Trek and playing STO. We are primarily a PvE casual fleet that enjoys teaming up and working together whether it be a mission, a daily or an STF and have lots of fun doing it. We take pride in assisting newcomers to both STO and the Fleet learn the game and level in order to participate in and be successful at STFs which we organize on a weekly basis. We are constantly working on becoming better STO players, are always improving ourselves on our teamwork and cooperation but most importantly always making sure we are having a good time. We recently have had a few members join our fleet in EU and i've no doubt that they would enjoy having you as a fellow member.

For more information about us, please see the FAQs on our website (you can click the link in my signature below). You can also visit our forums at http://www.warpigsmmo.com/. Any other questions please feel free to message me.
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# 14 Alpha and ...
05-27-2011, 02:54 AM
- Omega Particles - is a Star Trek Online Fleet.
We got a forum, this Facebook site and a TeamSpeak 3 server
We're a very social fleet and we enjoy each others company alot

We're recruiting EU time zone players

We want players that are:
-> EU Time zone active
-> Helpfull and social
-> Teamworking
-> Willing to be a part of the fleet
-> 16+ of age

If u want to know more, go to Our Facebook Page

If u want to apply for becoming a member, send a mail to omegaparticles@gmail.com
Use this template

Name :
Age :
From :
Playing since :
TeamSpeak 3 knowledge :
Characters in Federation Faction :
Characters in Klingon Faction :
Which faction do you want to join ? (Both is also an option) :
Favorite career (Tac,sci,eng) :
Special Task Force experience :

Looking forward to hear from you
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# 15 Fleet 01
05-27-2011, 09:01 AM
We may be the fleet for you, although we are based primarily in PST zone we have members across the US and even a few in places like Malaysia and Europe. We are a small group of friends capping out at 31 members right now. We would love to sit down and interview you to make sure that you are a good fit. We have a website, MySTOFleet.webs.com, a Facebook, FLEET 01, and a ventrillo account for our members to communicate by voice. We have mission specialists and in game gurus that can answer almost any question you may have. Feel free to contact me @!Admiral_John, or my right hand man @Jtrombonestar, for more info.

Good Luck out there.
Admiral_John - Fleet Founder

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