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Jedi Counsel: Career-Specific Powers (Space)

This is to serve as a guide, mostly directed at new players, but may offer some insights to veteran players, as well. If there are any questions, please feel free to use this forum to ask (or PM me in-game @BigRedJedi), and I will do my best to try to answer them (along with the aid of my fellow Forum Warriors).

The layout for Power Descriptions will be as follows:
  • Power Name [Abbreviation]: The name of the BOff power (with the shorthand version of the power listed as: [Name])
  • Availability: Level of Character at which the Power is acquired.
  • Duration: The amount of time that the power is active.
  • Recharge: The amount of time it will take for this power to fully cooldown, once it is activated. (NOTE: This assumes that your BOff will be fully skilled, to ensure the minimum possible cooldown.)
  • Subsystem Power Level: If the power is affected by the current powerlevel of one of the ship's 4 subsystems (Aux, Engines, Shields, or
  • Skills Affecting: The 3 skills that affect the use of this power.
  • Arc-Limits: If the power has any arc limitations, it will be described here. (Includes whether the power is Self-Only, Self/Ally, Ally-Only, or Enemy.)
  • Counter: What skill/s (if any) counter the effects of this power.
  • Mechanics: How the power actually works, what it does, etc.

Without further ado...


Sensor Scan [SScan, or SSc]:
  • Availability: Lieutenant 8
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Recharge: 90 seconds
  • Subsystem Power Level: Effectiveness is based on ship's current Auxiliary Power setting.
  • Skills Affecting: Starship Operations, Starship Sensors, Starship Sensor Array
  • Arc-Limits: Self/Ally or Enemy; 3k AoE, centered on target.
  • Counter: Science Team clears the De-Buff
  • Mechanics:
    SScan provides two, very useful effects. It can be centered on your own ship, on an ally's ship, or on an enemy ship, in a 3k burst (from the target ship). It provides a significant boost to StealthSight for you and your allies (which helps to detect cloaked vessels) and provides a large-to-massive damage resistance debuff (hull damage only) against enemies in the burst. The power is roughly 50% skill-dependent and 50% Auxiliary power-dependent, so a combination of both high skillpoint investment (Ops, Sensors, Sensor Array) and high Aux will yield the greatest results. (Single, most-powerful damage resistance debuff in-game.)

================================================== =====================================

Subnucleonic Beam [SNB]:
  • Availability: Lt. Commander 8
  • Duration: Instant (power strip de-buff); 30 seconds (cooldown de-buff)
  • Recharge: 120 seconds
  • Subsystem Power Level: Effectiveness of cooldown de-buff is based on the Auxiliary Power level.
  • Skills Affecting: Starship Operations, Starship Deflectors, Starship Deflector Dish
  • Arc-Limits: Enemy. Front 90-degree arc.
  • Counter: Science Team clears the cooldown de-buff.
  • Mechanics:
    SNB is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, as the only power in the game that has the capacity to strip buffs from an enemy vessel. When SNB is activated, it instantly removes ALL buffs that are currently active on the target, and places all of their powers that are currently on cooldown, or that are activated while the SNB de-buff is in effect, into a long-term cooldown, often preventing their re-use during the duration of the debuff. Science Team can clear the de-buff, but powers that are on cooldown are only credited for a portion of their elapsed cooldowns, even once the de-buff is removed, this is also how powers are credited once the de-buff runs through its 30-second duration. Greater skillpoint investment and higher Aux power will increase the duration of the cooldown de-buff, leading to a greater likelihood that the powers will be unable to be re-used while the de-buff is in effect.

================================================== =====================================

Dampening Field [DF]:
  • Availability: Commander 8
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Recharge: 180 seconds
  • Subsystem Power Level: Effectiveness is based on the ship's current Auxiliary Power level.
  • Skills Affecting: Starship Operations Training, Starship Deflectors, Starship Deflector Field
  • Arc-Limits: Self-Only, 3k AoE, centered on Self.
  • Counter: N/A
  • Mechanics:
    DF grants your ship and any allies that are within the AoE a large All Energy Damage Resistance (hull damage only) to all Energy Weapon attacks (Kinetic Damage from Torpedoes is unaffected by DF), whether they originate within the AoE or otherwise. A powerful tanking ability, DF can handily help a canny Science Captain to survive even potent enemy fire, or to provide an aura of protection for vulnerable allies. Also useful for indirectly countering damage resistance de-buffs.

================================================== =====================================

Photonic Fleet [PF]:
  • Availability: Captain 8
  • Duration: As long as the holo-ships survive, and the initiating vessel remains in combat.
  • Recharge: 240 seconds
  • Subsystem Power Level: Effectiveness is based on the ship's current Auxiliary Power level.
  • Skills Affecting: Primary - Starship Operations Training, Starship Emitters, Starship Photonic Theory; Secondary - Starship Energy Weapons Training, Starship Projectile Training, Starship Beam Weapons, Starship Torpedo Weapons, Starship Phaser Weapons, Starship Photon Projectiles, Starship Quantum Projectiles.
  • Arc-Limits: Self-Only
  • Counter: Holo-ships can be targeted and destroyed.
  • Mechanics:
    PF creates 3 holographic ships (the quality of these ships is based on both skillpoint investment and Aux power level, higher of both yields better summons) that fight against any enemy targeted by the initiating ship. Higher skillpoint investment and Aux power when the skill is triggered grants the summoned ships higher, innate damage resistance (thereby increasing the chance of their sustained survival). These holo-ships are equipped with varying loadouts that include Phasers, Photons, and Quantums (depending on the specific ships summoned), and are more powerful if you have skill in the relevant weapons. The holo-ships are, even with high skillpoints and Aux, rather fragile, however, they can be targeted for Heals, just like any ally (and are also able to be affected by all skills that would affect a normal, PC ship). The ships last until they are destroyed or until the creator is out of Red Alert for a brief period of time.

================================================== =====================================

Science Fleet [SciFleet]:
  • Availability: RAUH 3 (i.e. Rear Admiral 8)
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Recharge: 300 seconds
  • Subsystem Power Level: N/A
  • Skills Affecting: Starship Operations Training, Starship Deflectors, Starship Deflector Field
  • Arc-Limits: Self and All Allies
  • Counter: N/A
  • Mechanics:
    SciFleet is a powerful, full-team buff that grants a moderate boost to Starship Operations for 30 seconds, and grants a massive boost to shield damage reduction for 30 seconds. The buff applies to your ship and all allies that are in a team with you. (NOTE: This buff is actually the highest, single-power Shield Damage Reduction [SDR] available in-game, currently.)

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