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05-28-2011, 10:04 PM
I played the game at launch. I was deployed a few months later. I am searching for a realistic rp community. The rp opportunities in this game are wonderful in a genre that I have always loved as a kid. I am an older gamer with a very strong military (Marine) background.

I was wondering if there is a fleet or community that follows a military hiachry that fits the game. By this I mean that the members are treated as captains. I want the feel of being the rank of captain aboard my ship as a small part of a larger fleet. I have seen a lot of posts where the fleet starts you out as an ensign and work your way up from there. Is there a group that starts at captain or similar ranking and works it way up from there?

I dont mean to be splitting hairs over something like this but as a former officer in the military I really don't want to spend my leasure time rping as an ensign. I see the potential in that direction for some people, but it doesnt fit my history, and I would have a hard time rping in that manner. I feel that the days of being a night watch deck officer is in the past of my character and gaining command of a ship is the future. I hope that makes sense.

I have rped in a few other games and in college some table top. I am not a Star Trek buff, but I do know the basics from just being a SciFi fan. I am not set on a side or roll as of yet. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be in your debt.
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05-28-2011, 11:12 PM
You may wish to check us out. The Trust might be a good fit for you if your interested.

Check us out over at
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05-29-2011, 12:29 AM
TOS Veterans Fleet

We wanted to set this fleet up where everyone is just as important as everyone else. Since we needed to have some sort of ranking system we decided to set it up with whatever rank your toon is in-game. We figured that you have built them up in-game and they should carry the same amount of respect in the fleet. If a player wants to get more involved with the administrative and in-game planning then we will put you in a Fleet Admiral position.

Everyone has a say in the direction of the fleet and if you have any questions or ideas please let us know.

Rank Structure:

Fleet Cadet While Signing up on website and in-game (under a week)
Fleet Petty Officer- in-game rank of Ensign and all new fleet members (one to two weeks)
Fleet Lieutenant - in-game rank of Lieutenant
Fleet Lieutenant Commander - in-game rank of Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Commander - in-game rank of Commander
Fleet Captain - in-game rank of Captain
Fleet Commodore - in-game rank of Admiral
Fleet Admiral Fleet administrative position (anyone is welcome to take on a job)
Fleet Council No rank (just for fleet support)

For more information check out the blogspot with a detailed list of our Fleet Rank and Uniforms.

We are a mature fleet with everyone over 30. There are even 5 ex military guys that seem to be having a blast! At least come and give us a try!!

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05-29-2011, 03:26 AM
Hi Thryton,

You should check out 3rd Fleet we have a militaristic style but I'd call it "soft" it's there for fun and to enhance the whole STO experience. We do boast a number of vets and I believe a few serving members amongst our ranks. Unfortunately, we are also one of those fleets that start you out as crewman/ensign but this is merely to differentiate between those members that are "staff" and have administrative roles that require additional permissions. Everyone is treated with respect.

We also have older members (myself amongst them). So you'll find yourself at home on that count too

I have to admit that we aren't strong on RP but we are trying to get better. However, you can RP as almost any rank and, as per STO, holding a lower rank than captain does not prevent you from fulfilling the role as captain of your own ship. Some off us want to play younger more naive characters where ensign is a more fitting rank. We also do not require you to be a Star Trek buff/boff, just to enjoy the genre.

To wrap up with a few of our strengths, 3rd Fleet is a large international with german and french speaking divisions. This means we have people on at most hours and we also try to organise a lot of STF's etc to keep the fun flowing.

If any of this has spiked your interest please look us up at

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