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The First Run was already done when the New Ker'rat Mission First Launched.
This is Part Two. so i Am Looking for Players that might want to be Part of Testing Team to Run through the Recently Updated Ker'rat System i designed. so far i still have no Team. if you wish to Join me. Please Read the Mission Info First. And Then PM me ingame or On here. i'm often checking between here and ingame.

"Federation Has Discovered a Real Ker'rat System!
it's up to you to Destroy the Borg once and For All!

Level 41 And Higher.

Author's Notes:
I Strongly Recommend 4 Man Group and 5 Man Group is Best Recommended.

Added Notes:
This Mission is For Developer Team of STO to give ideas on how to improve their Official Ker'rat System."

(May 5th 2011)
Small Details about Ker'rat System Mission:
Low Gravity Volume 1 x 3
Weather Rain x 3
Weather Snow x 3
Backdrop (unknown, cuz it was random choice) 2nd UPDATE: now has New Borg Backdrop
Space Map (unknown, it was random map i liked to picked out)
Borg Vessels in Space x 4 or 5
Borg Drones x 4 or 5
Added a Mission Storyline Plots
5 Destroyed/Damaged Federation Starships in Space
5 Anomalies Each in Space and In Ground.

My Foundry Mission i developed for Cryptic Developers.
i read the posts given by Captain_Revo and few of my Friends
i have updated the Mission.

May 31st, 2011
2nd Update:
i improved the Visuals a little bit, Added the Backdrop for Ground and fixed the Gameplay regarding Borg Ships in Space, Ground Start Positions and Shuttle Location.

Feel free to Try out Ker'rat System Mission and give me a review.

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