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Exploit missions suck. This thread is not intended to endorse, support, provide instructions to access, or in any way promote or enable exploitation of game mechanics. Hopefully, the language of this post is nonspecific enough to keep it within the TOS.

This thread is about 'missions' created in the foundry to create a neat space or, as I just observed in the game, demonstrate something cool. Specifically, using a console in a public space as a trigger to make the character float weightlessly - okay, sure, it's only amusing for a few minutes, but for those few minutes it was awesome because I didn't think the Foundry was capable of invoking animations on the player like that.

If I'd had the Foundry wrapper mission active, I'd have been exploiting, to the extent clarified on the forums, by 'completing' this mission. I reported it, not because I think it is intentionally exploitative, but because I'm sure it will be used as such within a few hours if not already, which is a shame.

There would be no issue if it were possible to flag a Foundry construct as not intended to be a credited mission. And, silly little gimmick as it is, this mission has convinced that such constructs absolutely have a place in STO. Because they're neat.

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