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So, originally I didn't want to flood the forums with another "hey I need a fleet" post but here I am doing it anyway.

I've been playing STO casually since closed beta and have spent all of my time with two fleets. One of those no longer exists and the other I started with a friend as a private roleplay group but he doesn't really play STO any more due to financial/family time constraints. Basically I'm looking for a group that would have room for one of my alts and won't care that some of my characters are in another fleet, since that fleet consists of just me and I don't want to get rid of it for nostalgic reasons.. and the fact that I'm using its available bank space as overflow.

A canon group with a roleplay interest would be great, but really I'd go for any group that has room for a casual player mostly interested in PvE since I'm just looking for others to game with. I'd like to transfer either a Science officer @ Captain 2 or starting a new science or tactical officer and leveling them up; or even both. I have an Engineer at VA1 that I can use for higher level stuff until I have another VA but I'd like to keep them where they are.

I'm in the Eastern time zone USA but my hours would probably line up better with Pacific Time, Australia/New Zealand, possibly Europe as well since I sleep at awkward times in the day. Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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