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I heard about the new reward with the "Stranded in Space" mission, so I replayed it.

Same as before, though, I always have a problem with the last part of it.

I can handle the Orion Corvettes and the Interceptors together because, when I kill the Interceptors there, they stay killed, even if I respawn.

However...when I kill the Interceptors around the Marauder Battleship and I die and respawn...they come back.

One of the main reasons I kill the Interceptors first is because, this way, if they stayed killed, it's easier for me to wear down the Battleship, even, if it regenerates health after killing me, I can still do it.

But it's absolutely impossible [for me] to do that with six [or however many there are] little ships shooting at me from every possible angle.

I can't be the only one who's had a problem with this mission; I'd love some advice on what I could do. (that is, unless the devs decide to add a patch to that mission making sure that, when the Interceptors are destroyed, they stay that way).

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