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06-06-2011, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by RCO
Example Fed get a ton a shuttle 8 , Delta flyer, Shutle F, runabout, vulcan aux craft. Klingons get grand total of 3.
That would technically be the Klingons receiving 3/8ths of the attention. But lets add the Peregrine to the Fed count so Klingons can say they have 3/9ths or 1/3rd of the shuttle options.

Example 500 Day vet reward. Federation gets a belt, two jackets. pluse 5 more outfits in c-store. Klingons get cape and fur on there shoulders.
1 Belt
+2 Jackets
3 total reward costumes pieces.

1 Cape
1 Shoulder
2 total reward costume pieces.

Now, I'm not saying there aren't numbers to look at to show the content disparity, there are, but maybe you should try to understand that there are more factors at play than whether the Klingons get to engineer an 'excomp' that effect population size.

But this thread is about whether the benefit in bug correction and balancing we'd see from our 'unique faction abilities' being shared with the Federation would outweigh any actual drawbacks.

Originally Posted by Ithaqua
Thanks for your insight, but if you had read you'd have seen your point was made already by another poster.

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