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06-07-2011, 11:39 AM
I am going to get jumped on by lots of hardcore klinks here.... but I have to ask the question.

Why are we still encouraging Cryptic to "Complete" the Klingon Faction?

I think its time we Klinks Realize our Faction will NEVER grow to a point for Cryptic to push hard to create Klink content to grow it further. The empire my friends is dying.

I would suggest... that perhaps its time for Cryptic to End the War between the Federation and Klingons in game... Allow Klingon players to Team properly with Federation players.... Allow Klinks to Fly Fed ships and sell them new fancy klink version Fed ship skins on the Cstore. Don't let Federation players touch the Klink ships. (No Federation Captains in cannon would trade there ships for klinks)

However make it MUCH easier for players to level there Klingons. Create a new Level 1 Klink tutorial that explains the peace process... let them protect the talks from Undine or something. When the tutorial is over, allow the player to progress with what little Klingon content there is.... Or hail the Federation Mission givers and get a modified Mission giving text... but Do the EXACT same misisons. (The federation would like to request Klingon assistance in the Beta Ursa Sector... ect ect )

Boom the Klingon instanly becomes a fun faction for people to play through for pve.... We can Delete all the FvK ques and just have an ARENA que.

This might seem like sacrilege, and anti Klingon. However its not intended to be. Its time for Cryptic to Admit that they will NEVER have the time to bring the Klingon Faction to Parity with the Federation Faction. This seems to me like a fairly quick way to bring the entire player base to one side... and offer a new way to experience the game.

I will be waiting with my 20 bucks... to get my Klingon Intrepid complete with Klingon Pirate Skin....

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