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Originally Posted by mancom
You are really good at ignoring the fact that people warp out on us even when we have no FAW, no mines and no scramble.

And in case hadn't noticed: TSI don't warp out. Your team has SS+FAW+Peng and 5 cross-healing engineers? TSI will stay and try to win.

And let's be honest: How many teams other than TSI do you expect to show up for a "anything goes" tournament right now?
Hint: the KT tournament collapsed after too many teams said that they wouldn't play if skill X or shiptype Y are not banned.
We stay in matches against TSI, we usually end up getting our asses handed to us. It's just a game...

There are abilities that will always be broken. Before Faw, it was spam. And so on... Accept it or rage, you can't do anything about it.. Only Cryptic can repair the lack of balanced powers, and lack of dynamics.

Having fun is a choice you have power over... so is raging...

Happy PewPew all!

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