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06-09-2011, 06:09 AM
Jermbots Ideas For Fixing Yssues via Potentially Outrageous Proposals

This is a new forum series I intend to run where I submit a Potentially Outrageous Proposal, explain my reasoning and then anticipate the questions and objections most likely to be raised. If you have questions or objections that I haven't mentioned feel free to add them in your response, if you just want to share your thoughts on the ideas presented that's cool too. I read all comments with an open mind.

Today's suggestion, Faction Transfers!

The idea, as presented here, would be to allow pre-general characters to complete 1 of 3 level scaling quests or chains to desert their faction and join the other side, taking whatever bridge officers, gear and ships they have with them. General level characters can do the same thing but with the additional cost of 500 Emblems. Cryptic could also add a "Benedict Arnold" token to the C-Store that allowed players to spend Cryptic Points to make the transfer instead of emblems but for reasons explained later, the cost would have to be significant to deter abuse.

I believe this would help address the population disparity by permitting players to bypass the painful grind that is the Klingon experience in exchange for the slightly less, or sometimes even enjoyable, grind that is the Federation experience, while still giving that Klingon the opportunity to jump back over to the red side of the game at the ending levels of Captain. Even after, or if, that content disparity is ever corrected it still creates an opportunity to create unique feeling characters with interesting back stories to explain exactly why they are the expatriates.

Now, onto the FAQ!

Question 1. Why are you doing this, your suggestions are always terrible and nobody likes you?

Well, that's a little harsh. I mean, my dog likes me, sorta... and my social worker thinks I'm swell.

Question 2. No seriously, you support homogenization why should your opinion hold any weight with anyone?

Well, I'm going to avoid the rant about people misusing the word opinion and just say, don't worry about my opinion, look at my reasons, they're sound, weigh them against the negative effects you would feel as a player and come to your own conclusion. If you want to discuss your conclusion and the opinion you've reached from it, that's fine, I can and do prefer to discuss things reasonably. If you just want to flame, that's fine too as one look at my posting history shows I'm not really here to make friends.

Question 3. Speaking of homogenization, this looks just like some devious plan to get Klingon ships for the Federation!

That's not a question...

Question 3. Okay smart guy, IS this a devious plan to get Klingon ships for the Federation?

Yes, you caught me. You are far too clever. Under this proposal a Federation Admiral could spend 500 Emblems or enough cryptic points to buy a ship to 'desert' to the Klingon side, he can buy a Vorcha-R for energy credits, or a B'Rel-R for another 500 Emblems or equivalent cash shop points, and then spend another 500 emblems or cash shop points to transfer right back to the Federation, thus playing us for suckers.

Or even more deviously, a Federation Admiral could level an entirely new character up to Captain, transfer over to the KDF for free at the last possible moment, level up to General, buy his Heghta BoP and then spend cryptic points to transfer back. He, of course, will be 10 levels of soul sucking General grinding away from having any emblems on that entirely new character.

However, if a Federation Admiral feels strongly enough about wanting an Orion Patrol Cruiser piloted by a Bolian Starfleet officer that he's willing to go to those lengths, I say let him. The amount of enjoyment he'll get from pulling that feat off and having that character will far surpass any damage it would do to my enjoyment of the game.

Question 4. How does this not lead to an entire armada of Federation players piloting Klingon ships, I could go into a Cap and Hold and find I'm up against 3 Kafir Carriers and a Gurumba, what should I do then?

That's two questions. As for the first, it doesn't, if there's an entire Armada's worth of Federation players or disgruntled Klingons willing to make the faction switch to the Federation side of the game, the option will be there for those willing to invest the time or money. As for the second question, I dunno, target practice?

Question 5. Would not seeing a B'Rel-R Captained by the Federation not utterly destroy the unique feeling of Star Trek forever?

Seemed to work out in the sixth Star Trek movie, and didn't Gul Dukat fly a Bird of Prey for awhile during the Klingon/Cardassian war?

Question 6. Wasn't that Star Trek IV?

Oh yeah, whatever.

Question 7. No, but seriously, those were special cases! I mean, in Star Trek IV we're talking Captain Kirk! And Gul Dukat flew his ship as spoils of war, after he had been demoted to flying a cargo hauler.

Okay, I agree, nobody in this game should be as special or awesome as Captain Kirk. And while that was an awesome episode of DS9, still, the war's been going on for almost two years now and any player willing to invest the time and effort should be ATLEAST as special as Gul Dukat!

Question 8. Won't this just discourage Cryptic from working on new Klingon content?

Oh thank god, finally a question that's not about homogenization. No, I believe with the end game populations closer to even Cryptic will in fact be encouraged to work on new Klingon content. People are going to want to level alts within the same fleets as their friends, a more balanced population should create more competitive gameplay and may even draw in new players.

Question 9. I don't think it's likely that any TRUE Klingon player will support this kind of blatant destruction of the only things that give the KDF a unique feel.

Oh good God. Okay, that's not a question, that's a veiled accusation, and, just no. I care about this faction enough to subject myself to the abuses of fellow members of this board in my own attempts to help it and the game as a whole.

Question 10. Why do you think this will increase Klingon population numbers, why wouldn't it cause Klingons to just leave for Starfleet?

Well, two reasons. First, the Klingons we still have are not going to Starfleet, they will apparently quit the game first. You don't need to trust me, just check out my "scrap the faction" thread. They've ground their way up to General through vast deserts of no content just to play as Klingons. Two, apparently the Klingons have just a little more solo content to do at end game.

Question 11. Won't Klingon's quit the game if the KDF gets filled to the brim with Vulcans, Andorians and Humans?

Well, they seem okay with all the Dax's we have running around.

Question 12. Well, that was because of Kurzon Dax and the Dax symbiote, you should know that if you're such a DS9 fan.

Yeah, there's still only one Dax symbiote and Ezri Dax, the most recent canon recipient even said, "I don't share their idealistic view of the Klingon empire. It's dying Worf, and I think it should."

Question 13. I just don't want to see Starfleet uniforms running around Qonos.

Me neither, force outfit changes when they desert. Shouldn't be wearing the uniform of the enemy anyway.

Question 14. But people shouldn't just abandon Starfleet, it's an honor to serve Starfleet!

Tom Riker, Cal Hudson, Ro Laren, Lon Suder, Kenneth Dalby and yellow shirted security liason from DS9 who's name I can't remember disagree. Now, I know, they joined the Maquis, a Federation terrorist organization, but it shows not just the potential to become frustrated with Starfleet/Federation policies tying the hands of its captains but also, in the case of Tom Riker and Ro Laren, the definite possibility that the mentally unstable can make it past Starfleet quality control.

Question 15. Those were exceptional cases!

Screw that, I'm an exceptional case because it's FUNNER to play a character who is exceptional.

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