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# 1 Two Weapon Carrier??
06-09-2011, 10:06 AM
So, in game with a dev we had a conversation about carriers. He asked :

What do you think about carriers losing all but one weapon slot in front and one in rear, and those other slots being used to add hangar capacity.

The idea was that you could equip "sub-hangars" in a weapon slot, but that it took two slots to equip it.

Those sub hangars couldn't hold things like Birds of Prey, but small fighter squadrons or even the shield repair drones.

The idea would be that you are sacrificing firepower of your main ship to get additional hangar support.

Someone asked, What about the spam people are already complaining about?

His reply was, the spam issue isn't a huge problem, and we have a few ideas for UI options that may help with "targeting through spam". He said that their data didn't show much more server strain or lag due to excessive fighters on the map, and that the real concern was making targeting the Carrier through those fighters easier for players to do.

I said that I'd be for using sub-hangars, and would really like that idea considered.

He didn't say that it was something being thought about, worked on or if it was something he had just thought up on the spot. I mentioned I would make a post and let the other carrier pilots chime in with their thoughts, and he asked me to leave his name out of it. I have forgotten his name now, anyway.

So, here we are, fellow carrier pilots. And while I know that a good number of Feds will come in and QQ that it would be overpowered and blah blah. Well, Fed's would be happy if Carriers were gone completely...until they get one. Then of course it will be, they are too weak we need more DPS.

So, ignoring those who dismiss the use of sub-hangars before they even test them, what does everyone else think? Would YOU give up 2 or 4 guns for more hangar space? And when/if the Feds get a carrier, they would get the same access to sub-hangars.

For more idea of how it works, what was said was:

Sub-hangars come in two pieces. They would work like set items do. There would be 2 for the front and 2 for the rear, they can only be slotted in the front or the rear by design. There are two ideas, one is that slotting one would reduce the cooldown of your actual hangars by up to 10%. Slotting both would change that cooldown bonus and spawn a certain type of secondary spawn. And of course, it's possible that slotting only one would do nothing at all.

So, for example, if you have "shield drone sub-hangar aft", you slot them both and you get a new ability to spawn a group of shield drones.

They may or may not be permanent, and they may or mat not be equal to normal drones. That would require testing first, but the hope is that they could be just like regular drones, Maybe fewer in number, or a longer cooldown. All things that have to be tested.

So basically you'd have to slot both halfs of the sub-hangar to get the spawns from it, and they have to be in the same location on your weapon slots.

Anyway, I liked the idea, and I hope it is something we can see one day. Sooner than later. =)

Please be polite and rational in your commentary. No one is asking for an "i win" button here, and remember, only constructive criticism and logical debate is useful.

Thanks for reading.

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