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Hello All,

I've finally got to do some extended PVP with my Vo'Quv to see how all the changes that were made to the Carrier effects my play style.

My Snapping Turtle build still does quite well for the most part; however, it does have a very costly flaw.

I use Feedback Pulse 3 and I boost its effectiveness with 3 x Rare Induction Stabilizer Mk XI, it would be 4but I use the Borg console in the 4th slot.

If I can stay alive I come in 2 or 3 in total damage.

The problem is if I die once, I end up with no crew and start getting owned if I don't have any team protection.

The worst part about loosing crew count is that all of the heals that work of the crew system loose effectiveness and makes my Carrier that much softer.

If you play consecutive PVP matches, your crew count never regenerates and you just keep getting softer and softer.

The damage that I'm getting off of Feedback Pulse is what makes the build deadly and helped keep Escorts at bay; however, now it seems that I'll have to load up my science console slots with Rare Biofunction Monitor Mk XI just to try to keep my crew count up.

I use to use Tactical Team to help with crew recovery but now Tactical Team does not effect crew recovery.

What steps if any are you guys taking to help mantain your crew count?

When we respawn, we should respawn with our full crew compliment.

I went through 6 cap and hold matches and never was able to get my crew count above 1500 after I got popped in my very 1st match.

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