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# 1 Brel Rules You. Screw Sci
06-09-2011, 10:16 AM
For all of the haters out there, the new bop Brel refit is the pinnacle of stealth combat. The combination of various algorithms capable of being brought to bear in appropriate sequence is the greatest yet available in sto.

Preparation of subsystem targeting under cloak, and the free initiative victory offered by using jam sensors from cstealth grants the user of this bop unprecedented virtual immunity from attack disruption. The addition of a second option for engagement, limited arms usage and corresponding exposure, creates an even more difficult situation for the enemy to predict and counter.

The power of well used Tricobalt torpedoes and mines can not be understated. Even an hyt3 from 10km can significantly impact the battle. A torpedo shot every 3 seconds is clearly advantageous to nothing at all. This combined with the minimized window of exposure to risk for uber offensive sci powers such as cpb and psw means that the presence of a Brel bop in any game changes the playing field greatly.

Now the bad. The lack of cloak functionality for duration skills leaves something to be desired. But clearly.... by ANY logic, a ship activately using deflectors, emitters, or even sensors to impact the battle could be "detected" targeted, and destroyed. Imho, this game lacks "fire here" functionality, so any good player could ALWAYS "detect" a cloaked ship, bringing weapons to bear on that area. Thus, when a ship is engaging tractor, emitting a hazard repair beam, transferring shield strength, or any such gobbletygoop bs, they should RIGHTLY be detected and capable of being destroyed, for the entire duration of such action.

Therefore there is no need to "fix" the brel bop in any way. If a heal bop can not function using spkie heals alone from limited detection (3s >20s) then maybe there shouldnt be one. In many games there is a stealth functionality, and in few does the "healer" deploy a "permanent invisibility" that allows him to operate with impunity. Sanctuary and invisibility spells in every game are often canceled when such an offensive or consistent duration action would occur.

Frankly. If ANY change should occur, ALL HAZ EMITTERS, TRRANSFER SHIELDS, ETC SHOULD TAKE EVERY SHIP OUT OF CLOAK ON USE! both user and recipient. sound hardcore? i want perma death character deletion no respawns real ship destruction. this is nothing, to ***** or actually say anything about,that the brel functions as it is now. If anything.. it is TOO good, and the duration fo decloak should be EXTEN DED! anyone rant off. brel owns you, ha ha sci bop wanna bes go fly gorn

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