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06-09-2011, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
I use the Negh'var, and to keep cannons targeted on anything more nimble than a cruiser as often as is useful (i.e. you do more damage than you would with beams), you really need to run Aux2ID or have an RCS accelerator, otherwise you're still better off with beam banks and arrays in that the extra shots counter their weaker damage. Cannons are useable, but not optimum unless you buff the maneuverability further still. Also, if you buff all cruiser turn rates, you'll have the Excelsior becoming almost an escort, but without doing all of them, it'd loose worth compared to the slower heavier ones.
getting into a duel with an escort is never going to go well with an unbuffed turn rate cannon battle cruiser, but shooting other cruisers works fine. if your going to use canons you should use those, but even if a fed cruiser uses them they are still barley able to use torpedoes, let alone dual cannons. even a buff of 2 to the excelsior's turn rate would just make it even with the vorcha's turn rate of 10, still far from escort territory. 10 would be a awesome turn rate for a fed cruiser, it would be easier to fly it everywhere and since they cant use dual cannons it wouldn't cause a major imbalance. personally i think the sovereign should have the top fed cruiser turn rate of about 10.5, excelsior 9, galaxy X 8.5 and the star cruiser and galaxy 8. currently the excelsior just has 8, sov has 7, and all the rest have 6 wile the negvar and vorcha have 9 and 10.

Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
Yes, Galaxy class ships have a harder time keeping shield facings up with a concerted effort from someone, but it's still quite doable with things like tactical team, reverse shield polarity, and the others due to the ammount of engineering slots on hand. I've seen Galaxy pilots of the R and the X tank amazingly well both in Arena/Cap & Hold, and in Ker'rat. Also, this problem won't go away if you make it manouverable enough to use DHCs, since then rather than being forced by your turn rate to present the same shield facing, you'll find yourself volunteering the same shield facing to bring your weapons to bear. A Galaxy X DHC build would be no more viable from a defensive standpoint than it is now, though a "traditional" cruiser build would gain surviveability, but that's one thing the Galaxy already has in abundance.
you could have seen me in action lol, despite its shortcomings my fed engineer is almost always in a galaxy R and 9 matches out of 10 i can still get the most kills, least if any deaths, and top damage and healing. unless there are a bunch of others plying that really know how to play and have ships that are as good as their builds are. i know if i was flying an excelsior of sov i would be even more effective.

Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
Again, I feel a lot of this comes down to "it can equip DHCs, so it should be good at using them" which I disagree with personally. I think a smaller buff to 7 to Galaxy turn rates and fixing the spinal lance so it's worthwhile would bring the Galaxy-X up to par. That said, even as it is now, it's capable of one shotting another ship in an ambush. But my point is, rather than trying to make it turn better which it isn't (and hasn't ever been) good at, maybe it should be made better at what it already does well. Lance sometimes, tank lots. But 8 or 9 would just make it a Negh'var with a spinal lance. It should be it's own unique thing.
a turn rate of 7 would only be as good as the sov's is now. so that's still barley anything. about the lance, my galaxy had a shield facing down, 70% hull, and i got decloak lanced right before i was able to hit RSP and it only brought me down to about 35%. didn't have any armor consoles or buffs running or any points in the tier 5 refit cruiser ether. he actually knew what he was doing too, so i doubt his build was terribly optimized to use the lance. that things damage is still not nearly worth loosing the 3rd tactical console.

im not just claiming fed cruisers need a buff, im just trying to closing the gap between the klingon cruisers and federation cruisers. they shouldn't arbitrarily have better stats, i dont know why everyone is ok with that.

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