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06-09-2011, 11:33 AM
Hey all,

My Tac officer is currently flying an Advanced Escort. I flew escorts primarily at the RA/VA levels, but I leveled up in Science Vessels.

I do good dps in my escort, and I have a pretty aggressive maneuver/attack play style. I don't use cannons on my ship anymore, preferring weaving and circling with beams rather than burst damage and run with cannons. I may not do the insane amounts of burst damage that some cannon escort builds can do, but this just fits my play style better (I really only do PvE, very rarely PvP only for emblem dailies).

My science VA flies a D'Kyr and I like the ship, but it is used primarily for scince abilities with less of an emphasis on attack. More of a support build.

So my dilemma...

While I am satisfied with my Tac's build in an escort, my problem lies more with in-character and RP purposes. Being my Fleet's Admiral, I have a problem with an escort being the Fleet's flagship. Both in size and survivability. IMO, the lead ship shouldn't be as squishy as an escort is. I survive OK, and I have a strong enough build that I can sometimes outlast some other fleetmates, it still doesn't really fit in-character.

I'm wondering if I can turn something, like a Nebula, in an attacked based aggressive starship. The turn rate and maneuvering will be a lot lower than my escort, but I figure I could use the universal slot with a tac boff, and run with weapons and engines relatively high.

Right now, my advanced escort uses 2 phaser arrays, 1 phaser DBB, and a quantum torp fore. And 2 phaser arrays and quantum torp aft.

On the science ship, I'd prob drop the DBB so I can just focus on broadsiding and circling the target.

my bridge officer set up right now consists of:
Tac: Tactical Team
Tac: Target subsystems shields, BO2
Tac: Target subsystems engines, FAW2, HYT3, attack pattern omega
Eng: EPtS, ET2
Sci boffs I switch depending on the situation:
Sci (survival): PH, ST2, TSS
Sci (aggressive): PH, SS2, GW1

My science VA was always built for support, so I am just looking for some advice from experienced Sci vessel captains if a build can be produced with high average dps, and good survival at the VA level.

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