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Originally Posted by nomad207 View Post
Hello everyone,

Please let me know what you think of this spec:

This spec is PvE focused on group support.

I've not yet reached admiral rank yet nor have I seen the end game content. From all the other specs I've seen here they have been a mix of support and assault abilities. I'm thinking it might be overkill to focus so much on these support abilities but I just don't know yet.

Thank you in advance for any feedback,

EPtS buffs your ES when you place it. So use this instead of ET1, so you don't really need ET1.
TSStr would be better off w/ SS for when you do multi-ship engagements. If they are clustered enough, you'd get them all. Also, w/ the console nerf, I found TyR to be crap, doesn't seem to pay the bills, for all the points needed to make it worth a crap. VM would be good enough, in it's place.

I would suggest something along the lines of this for BO skills. Oh, and if you really want weapon procs, I'd go w/ disruptors or phasers. Will give you more pts to handle getting more sci powers.

BFaW1/HY1, APB/TSS:S (If you use Fire at Will + APB it will simulate a sensor scan debuff, only for a few secs, but some debuff is better than none, epecially if you proc disruptors, for a 25% debuff to dmg res)

(If your "tank" is tanking so much dmg, that his mitigation + heals, and ES isn't enough to keep him up, you got issues, and it isn't your problem, it's his)

TacB/TB/JS, HE2, ST3, VM3
TacB/TB/JS, HE2, ST3

No need for HE3, if you've got enough shield dmg res% from ST3's + ES1 to keep them up. TacBeam would be ok for a shield drain, depending on how much Aux you wanna run. If you want to be a low Aux, high shields (for ES buff) than go w/ a JS1 for if you get aggro, and a TracB, for locking a shield facing.
I do love TRep, but all you'd really end up using them for in PvE, is to push dead ships away, mines, or vs weapon platforms.

If you wanted, you could also go w/ this on the last Sci BO.
HE1, PO1, ST3 for the photonic officer buff that's coming in S1.1.

BTW, you want pts in sensor and sensor array. They not only buff your sci sensor scan ability, but also affects TSS:X1 that's default on all sci ships. Doesn't hurt that it'll also buff your JS/SS/VM as well.
I'd also drop hull repair (it's not worth it, even if you had ET), and get either Weap/Aux performance. Also you might want to make that your 9pt RA skill. I know for my ships, at base 110 power wep, w/ a +6 wep power console, it pushes me 125 power. (7pts will only get me to 124, so it's a gain of 9 power)
Will help boost your weapon damage at lower settings or aux power, for the TB/TacB. (HE, JS, SS, VM, and ST aren't reliant on Aux power)

Lastly, keep in mind, that in 1.1, they are introducing shield dmg res%, based on shield power levels, so that will help survivabliity, and also make shield tanking, even more important.

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