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06-09-2011, 12:38 PM
Any officer can use any ship type well enough, just depending on what kind of approach to tactics that you're using.

I would say that the MVAM Prometheus is actually a decent option since you can always fall back to one of the different flight controls to use different boosts to either improve upon or to cover for a weakness in one of your power settings based on your configuration/setup.

The thing about science officers is their innate abilities from leveling fit a more supportive role, and don't necessarily offer straight boosters toward ships. (Tactical provide a good offensive booster, engineers provide a lot of hull boosters) So with that in mind, you have to take a look at your limited science and engineering slots and decide how you want to build your build.

You could use all heals, and build your ship more defensively minded, with using only the tactical slots to cover for your offense. Or you could use offensive science abilities to provide defenses, and fall back to your engineer powers to provide heals and support, with the potential for weapons booster instead of shield/hull booster.

There's also the consideration of building a 'supportive' build, which uses heals and abilities that may be defensive or offensive, but flexible to be used on others. (So, for example; Engineering team and Reverse SHield Polarity for engineering, so you can heal/debuff cleanse allies, and have RSP to provide your shield heals, and then using transfer shield strength, hazard emitters and science team as your science powers, which cover for shield and hull heals that you 'lose' from your engineering configuration, that also can be targeted toward others for support) If you do that, you have the option of making your tactical abilities offensively oriented (boosting cannon rapid fire, or beam fire at will as your offensive options, with torpedo or mine support), or supportive, sporting beams primarily for subsystem targeting, and running attack patterns and/or mines.

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