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I played in beta for 2 weeks and never came back. About 5 weeks ago I came back and levelled a Tac in an Escort. Flying a Def-R which I love because of how hard it hits and how nippy it is. I occasionally switch to my MVAE just for a change. This was all great but I decided I wanted to try another character.

I made an eng and couldn't enjoy it. I made a sci and couldn't enjoy it. I simply prefer DPS and fighting characters.

So I made my 2nd Tac... in a cruiser who is now VA too.

But I can't decide which Tac I prefer playing now lol. I love Escorts cos they hit hard and fly fast but after levelling a Tac in a Cruiser i've seen a new side with the added survivability.

I'm not sure what to play more... or just play them between themselves. I'm tempted to make a 3rd Tac in a Science ship now. Just so I have all the Tac and ships I could ever want lol.

Put simply. I love being a Tac.

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